Who’s Who

C- That’s me. A 33 year old mother of two wonderful kids, currently in the middle of a very long drawn out divorce from my abusive husband. UPDATE, my divorce was finalized after over 4 years. I’m a free lady 😁.

Other main players:

E-My abusive ex who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia after I left him. Ex professional rugby player who probably suffered one too many concussions during the game that didn’t help. Compulsive liar aggravated by his illness, which makes everything interesting to say the very least.

Little E- My eldest child, who does not share the same name as E, but is a spitting image of him.

Z- My daughter, who was only 6 months old when I left her dad. Has never really known a life other then with just with her brother and I.

W- My first boyfriend whom I lost my virginity to, who really is never mentioned again. I’m over him.

M- My co-worker, friend, and then my rapist. To be honest, not really a main player, I just put him here to recap my life quick for y’all. You’re so welcome.

K- The man I invested so much time with (no longer) recently, that may have permanently tainted my hope of ever finding love. He checked all my boxes, plus some I didn’t even know existed. But unfortunately I don’t check all of his. He lead me into a long vast search for myself. He suggested I start this blog in the first place. As much as I have deep feelings of pain from how we left things, my life is better from knowing him. Because he made me find myself. He’s the one who attached all the strings then ripped them away. All because he said ‘I love you no strings attached’ so he thought that made it ok.

Mom- My somewhat great, yet overbearing mother, who goes along with every new fad out there. According to her, she suffers from PTSD (nope she’s never fought in any war) and depression, both self diagnosed. She was also a big tofu fan when that was the trend, although now eats gluten-free thanks to her self diagnosed “celiac disease” and keto but only if it’s within her fasting hours. (Trust me, I know celiac disease is a thing, my mom just doesn’t have it) I’m her favourite child thanks to all my health issues and things for her to have to discuss with her doctor about.

R- My only full sibling. She’s older than me by 2.5 years, and is super religious. She married her first boyfriend J, who’s the only guy she’d ever been with, and they now have 4 girls and are pastors at their local church. She moved to a different city, although fairly close, because she has huge issues with my mom/his parents, that she really should get over. Especially considering her God is love. But I guess that’s just me.

K- My younger half sister that was given up for adoption at birth. We rarely speak now, after a brief re-connection in my early teens. Not really here much.

N-My younger half sister that I grew up with. She now lives less then 2 blocks away from me (opps. She did before I moved to Kelowna) and we get along really well. She’s married to D, who treats her great but doesn’t have the best work ethic. She’s currently pregnant with their first child and milking this pregnancy for all it’s worth. If I thought she was lazy before I had no idea how bad it could get. Update. Her and D have separated and a whole new world is about to open up for N. I’m here for her in the only way a single mom/sister can be. Let her know single life is shitty and hard.