All The Good Girls Are Home With Broken Hearts ‘And I’m Free, I’m Free Falling

So at my family dinner on Canada Day, I brought up the fact that I would like to go skydiving, and asked would anyone want to go with me. Purely from the selfish point of view that the larger the group the bigger discount I get 😂.

Wow. Until this point, I honestly did not realize how utterly and completely boring my family is compared to me. I literally have always though of myself as the good one in the family but in that moment, as I listened to all their shocked responses, I learned that I’m the black sheep/wild child of us all.

As I heard them talk about how risky it is and in all seriousness have I prepared a will, maybe I should try bungee jumping instead…the comments barely registered because all I could think about was all the ridiculous and outlandish things I have actually done in my life… and how foolish it was of me to ever consider myself anything less than a badass for lack of a better word lol. Well I’m sure there are plenty of better words, and I’m far from a badass, but I’m discovering that I’m even FARTHER from a goodie good.

Like who does or goes through even a handful of the things I have, and turns out half as chill as me? No one that’s who. Rape? Destroys some people for life. Domestic violence? Messes with some people for years! Heck, having a loved one get shot and killed? No wonder we have suicide!

But I’ve realized I’ve had those few things happen and far far more, yet I’m out here living. Really living. I tried following my heart across the world and lived in another country… twice! I have a son and daughter each. I’ve been married and felt loved, not necessarily from the same man. I’ve had low lows and high highs, but standing where I am now, I wouldn’t change anything in the past.

It all makes me, me. And I’m fantastic. I’m not some boring person who sits around on their rear all day instead of getting out and living life. I’m someone who goes skydiving.

And that, in and of itself, is something I can smile at.

-Tom Petty/Free Falling-