My Bucket List

Found my old journal circa 2000-2005.

I’ve been making lame plans since high-school. lol,

But I’ve accomplished some of my bucket list so far. I’ll definitely be adding to this though! Gotta set those dreams higher!

  1. See the Pyramids of Giza
  2. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  3. Go on a cruise
  4. Go on a Safari
  5. Donate to Charity
  6. Get a Degree
  7. Go skydiving
  8. Own a house
  9. Get married  Again?
  10. Cook homemade soup from scratch
  11. Become more fit
  12. Raise children who are wise, kind and happy
  13. Be happy
  14. See the Opera
  15. See the Ballet
  16. Travel More
  17. See the Louvre
  18. Shoot a gun
  19. Try archery
  20. Join a team
  21. Lose weight
  22. Learn to read music
  23. Learn to play music
  24. Learn to play chess
  25. Get an income hobby
  26. Prepare my will
  27. Go on a date  A real date
  28. Get my Chakras aligned
  29. Get paid to travel/At least have a trip paid for
  30. Visit an escape room
  31. Fly an airplane
  32. Ride a zipline
  33. Get a tattoo
  34. Get a piercing
  35. Kiss in the rain
  36. Receive fan mail  In the actual mail
  37. Start a blog
  38. Own diamonds

  39. Buy a car I like
  40. Write a book
  41. Get published
  42. Take my kids to Disney Land
  43. Learn to golf
  44. Wear a bikini proudly
  45. Get laser eye surgery
  46. Be happy
  47. Go ziplining
  48. Cook over an open fire I built
  49. Learn to drive a motorcylce
  50. Own a boat…. but not have to maintain it. I bought a kayak this summer… I’m counting it 😂.
  51. Kiss under a waterfall
  52. Get flowers more than once from the same man
  53. Get another tattoo (currently at 3)
  54. See a Cirque De Soleil show. Preferably in Vegas.

56. Have a love song written about me.