Go, Shorty It’s Your Birthday We Gon Party Like It’s Your Birthday

I’m 35 now. Also according to my younger sister N, I can myself considered in my late thirties since I’m past halfway. Big words for someone who has more grey hair then both myself and our older sister combined.

My birthday was yesterday and for the most part it was like every other day this past year. Oh wait no, I got my period and had a doctors appointment to refill a prescription for my epilepsy. Wooohoo 🥳 exciting birthday activities. I also went to buy myself a cake since the kiddos wanted to celebrate. So I went to Superstore since it was right by the doctors. Unfortunately they didn’t have any tuxedo cakes, which, if you’ve never tried, is amazing! But I was stuck with a cake which turned out to be dry as F. Now, if you knew anything about my eating habits, I’ll pretty much eat anything, and to much of anything. So to have my cake sitting there with two bits taken out of it should be an indication of the junk this thing was.

But the kids loved the whole idea of it. Practically lighting my house on fire as they walked out with SOOOO many candles on it, singing the traditional Happy Birthday. I for one normally can’t stand that song, but to just be with my kids and having them appreciate me? It was beautiful. No awkwardness or attempting to smile casually at each one singing so you don’t look anyone in the eye for to long. Nothing like that. It was a moment where they worked together and just celebrated me. Candle time came and Z wanted to blow them out with me, which was totally fine. I mean common, it was only gonna be us three eating, so not a big deal who’s germy spit was on it. Even with both us blowing them out, two remained lit. So according to ‘tradition’ I have two boyfriends. I’d like to know where’re they at! 😏

The kids made me each a homemade card and then we called it a day.

Easy. Simple. No fuss. Kinda how I’d like my life to go. So in essence a great day, very representative of me.

So, here I am. A 35 year old practically 40 😑. Thanks to my kids for just being great, and making sure I had a photo of myself for memories.

In Da Club / 50 Cent

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