No Need To Pretend She’s Got A Little Drama With Her Friends

This past weekend was thanksgiving here. A day to be grateful and let others know how thankful we are for all the usual things. I think we all personally know what we’re grateful for and why, so to be able to share that with others, seems almost redundant unless you have someone really out of the ordinary. And if you do, most likely you’ve told people in your circle already. But to avoid seeming like a negative Nelly, I guess it is good to look back, reflect, and be grateful for what you have.

I decided to have a ‘friendsgiving’ this year. I invited 4 other families from the park to come for dinner a couple weeks ago. Oh. My. God. There has been so much drama between the ladies since then (and normally, but much more now) that all last week, I had different woman over for chats on different days so they could just get it all out.

The stand out situations that come to mind now are when two of the neighbor boys who often play with my son, got suspended from school for smoking weed in the bathroom. So one mom was really bothered but the other was like oh well it’s part of growing up etc. Then two other moms were not getting along just because they are completely different and won’t let that go. They just argue every time they’re together.

So my dumb ass had invited all these families over to celebrate, knowing they had no other options for the holidays. On woman didn’t even show up because she was so mad at another.

I’m just like ladies, be better. Like be supportive of other women in your life. How about try lifting each other up instead of constantly tearing others down. We’re all in similar situations, all single moms (or grand moms in some cases) and all I hear is complaints and petty shit happening.

And then in a weird and unfortunate way, I’m stuck in the middle because they all want my advice. I hear completely opposing stories on what’s going on, and i have to explain to everyone I won’t take sides. This isn’t grade school.

Im just annoyed that I have to constantly be there for them, and I feel they don’t listen to my advice, and that they definitely aren’t there to support me if I need it.

Case in point, my grandpa died on Monday, the day after I had the dinner. All I continued to get were texts and visits with them bitching about each other (all of them with different situations) and not once this whole week has anyone asked me how I am, or if I’m ok. Technically I’m fine about his death as some of you know from what happened a few years back, but it’d be nice to feel like literally any of them cared.

I don’t want to stop being here for others, but I’ve realized throughout my life that it’s completely draining to always be there for others, and never have anyone here for me. I’d done it for E, my mom, my kids obviously but they’re not even an issue now. I’ve done it for my sisters and K. All I’m asking, is for someone to just care about me enough to ask how I’m doing. Not everyday, or even every week, but like once a month would be better than where I’m at.

Until then, I’m going to have to just back off in the help area and let these neighbors fight to the death. Because it’s killing me to be a part of the drama.

Drama – Roy Woods

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