You Know I Say That I Am Better Now/ Cause Your Not Around

So here I am. Weeks later? Months?

I can’t remember. But to save you from reading this whole post, I’ve gotten a *much* better job.

From the morning my boss A called, things felt desperate. I was so concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find a new job in time that would support the kids and I. A kept changing the severance amount until I got him to finally write it out in detail. I also went and asked a lawyer for a consultation to see if what was happening to me was allowed and if so, what did A owe me? I just wanted to make sure his ego wasn’t bigger than the system.

I applied at EVERY job possible and received two offers before my new position. I didn’t accept them because I just didn’t want to go from an awful boss to an awful job. They both involved a long commute for bare minimum. So I declined.

The lawyer reviewed the documents and said it wasn’t bad and if i attempted to give a counter offer, I might lose the original. So I just went with it, as it seemed ok to me, and at this point I wasn’t to worried about finding a new job, just more about finding a good one.

A kept constant contact with me and was becoming a nuisance. He needed the documents back by a certain day. He’d email with benefits papers to sign. He’d text about the equipment he needed back for safety reasons 😑. Or I’d have to take the laptop to London drugs or somewhere and have them wipe it and to call him and confirm it. Like dude, just let it go. Finally I signed the severance package and arranged a time to bring it to him, and I told him I’d just drop the laptop off with it, to get him off my back. I was headed to the office and he’s texting me like when are you going to be here? Are you still on your way? Dude, I’ll be like 10-15 minutes. So I finally get to the office and he’s in his office hiding on his phone. I see his wife (who took my position) there, as well as my coworker who said nothing to me the whole time I was there. I dropped the laptop bag off with the papers on a coffee table, and noted A was on the phone in his office to them, and walked out.

About 20 minutes later A’s texting me about oh sorry it didn’t work out the way it was expected and hopefully I find a good position for me and the kids. I’m like A shut up. So I replied that he should note I was blocking his number and any necessary communication would have to be via email from now own. I was just soooo sick and tired of seeing his name pop up on my phone.

I went to the mall to attempt to buy some jeans which was stupid on my part since either one of these situations on their own could make me cry, but together? Depression.

After I got home I allowed myself one night to just get high and say shit all to the world. I was a fat unemployed single mom. It sucked.

And the next morning I received the offer for my new job. A remote position doing what I currently do, for a company that looks amazing paying $100,000 a year. Yes 35K more than I had been making! Didn’t take much for me to accept that job. Since then I’ve received my welcome package with tons of swag like a tote bag, water bottle, shirt and socks along with the standard notebook, pen and stickers plus a MacBook for work. So I didn’t need the work one from A. Today I also got an email with Ubereats credits for my first day on Monday. Like I love this job and I haven’t even started yet!

They are so much more organized, with an actual HR department. They sent me a detailed schedule for my first week and everything I’d need to get settled. I’m definitely looking forward to it now.

Looking back, I know that what A could offer wasn’t the best for me. And things happened in a way that now I’m in a better place. All without having to listen to him, or diminish what I know is right. Call it Karma, God, the universe, whichever you want, but I’m in a much better place now.

Better Now /Post Malone

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