Whoomp There It Went (It Broke)

Annnnd whoomp there it is.

I’ve stuck in there and sucked it up for work, even though literally EVERYDAY my boss was changing things and just being overall ridiculous. And the result? A call from him this morning saying he’s restructured my position to a point there is no job left for me. He offered a couple weeks severance and basically that was it.

He wants me to sign the severance letter, obviously to protect his ass. So I told him I’d think about it. And after that call he texted that he’d keep me on benefits for the severance period (a requirement by law anyway so I don’t know why he thinks that’s so special). So I haven’t responded yet, and I’m just reviewing it all in my head…until my work email dings. It’s a payroll related email that I would normally receive from my coworker J. Except it’s now addressed to my boss’s WIFE.

So basically the position is still there (obviously, since people need to get paid) but he has given it to his wife. It’d be one thing if they had actually restructured it to the point it’s automated or required only a few hour per week and him or J would take care of it. But nope. His ego is just to big that he literally can’t stand me in the office because I called him out in some of his faults, he needs to put his wife in my position. And thank God because I’d never want to be put in his wife’s position. Omg could you even imagine how awful that would be 😩.

So, I’ve contacted a lawyer to get me the best severance package possible. I haven’t signed any documents from him yet, and I won’t until it’s in my favour. I made it clear to him that I’m not quitting, to make sure I have the potential for either EI, but also so my ROE is the best for me.

So for now, it’s like relief to have this work shitshow over, but straight after it’s anxiety about finding another job in time. I still feel that turning down my first offer was correct. They offered me $10,000 less per year than I’m at now, and it’s about an hour there each day plus home in rush hour. It would’ve been worse.

I want to take this opportunity to move my life in the best direction possible. To a company that values what I have to input, and who I am.

So that’s where I’m at now.

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