Take This Job And Shove It I Ain’t Working Here No More You Better Not Try To Stand In My Way As I’m A’walking Out The Door

Things just escalated with my boss to a point of no return.

Everyday for the following week (and still now, but for the posts sake, the following week) he went about changing things around the office. Not even for the better but literally so he could control things more. All I’m thinking is bro, you say you have no time to deal with things, since your stressed all the time yet you do this kinda thing to yourself. The thing that stood out was that he was making ‘adjustments’ to how the accounting software was accessible to myself and my coworker. Saying that if it effects any of my day to day posting, to let him know.

So I head into the office the Thursday after the raise/no raise talk, and he’s hiding out in his office. Fine with me. I attempt to do my work and lo and behold, I can’t do some of the posting I’m supposed to do, due to my accessibility levels now in the software. So I send him an email with screenshots (as requested) showing what the issue is.

He has no idea what I’m trying to explain since although he acts all high and mighty, he really has no clue what I’m doing in my position (something I somewhat tried to explain the week prior when I said he doesn’t appreciate the position and always pushes my requirements to the bottom). So I have to go to his office and show him step by step what I need, but he says I’m not allowed to do it. So I’m just there teaching him how to have the control he basically needs for his ego. He says from now on, two people must be present when posting occurs to prevent error. Ok cool. All I do all day Thursdays is posts, lucky me.

So I head back to my desk, and let him know I had just done a huge batch of posts, did he want to review them? He comes out from his office and tells me I don’t understand what he’s saying. Only a certain type of posting needs two people.

He’s right, I don’t get the difference 😑. Basically all it seems like to me, is he made the adjustments in the software thinking he did it so certain things could be hidden, but didn’t realize it actually effected my job. Now he’s trying to backtrack, because he doesn’t want to actually have to have two people sit in on the posts.

So he says only that one post needs two sets of eyes, the other ones are fine. Obviously I didn’t get it. Posts are posts. How was I to know which ones he meant? Especially since he doesn’t even know which posts I make each week?

So he goes back to he’s office, then comes back in 2 seconds and is like, you can just follow my rules and if I say this post needs to be done this way, then do it. I’m like fine, I’ll send you the info each week, and we can post together. He responds with don’t give me that attitude (seriously) and then goes to close my coworkers door and comes and puts his hands on my desk and leans in my face saying just do what he says without questioning etc.

As soon as he put his face in my face like that, I was like I don’t have to take this. And started packing my bag to leave. He kept threatening me, like don’t you dare walk out that door. If you walk out that door… and I left the office. It was hardly a professional work environment at all. As I closed the door he opened it and yelled out into the hallway that I’m on leave effective immediately.

And I just kept walking. It’s obvious he’d lost control and he knew it. I went and drove home.

Once I got home there were a slew of texts from him. Things like:

I don’t need this attitude in the office

If I don’t see you back in the office by 11 this isn’t going to be easily fixed

11:15 is fine, cool off for 20

Ok-So you are quitting then?

Like dude. Im not working in an office where you can’t be professional. I let to diffuse the situation and you yelled out I was on leave. Why would I stick around waiting for your texts? So I replied that I thought it was best I didn’t come back to the office that day, as there is a lot to resolve, yet when I bring up anything it only makes matters worse and I’m not sure which direction to take.

And he just replies with page after page of texts saying how it’s me who’s quitting because he’s taking me off leave and if anything I’d be suspended. If I don’t show up the next day and finish my work he’ll find someone else to do the job and we can part ways.

So I went the next day and finished my work. It’s not the work I’m having issues with. It’s him. So since then, each Thursday I’ve been in the office he’s made it a living hell. He’s had the carpets replaced on Thursday. So I had to work in a literal closet while it’s 40• inside and the fumes are crazy

Then the next week, he got the walls only in my office painted. So again I was in the closet. I should mention that each time, I was the only person in the office, and those renos could have been done literally any other day but Thursday. He didn’t give me any notice or warning they were happening. Oh, not only did he have the walls painted this last week, but he had a computer tech come in at 1:00 so I had to make sure everything was done by then, while I was standing at the computer with no chair in a tiny closet, so hot I’m going to pass out, with paint fumes on top of it. But he decided to work from home since it wasn’t a conducive work space.

Like dude. Guess what? I don’t want to be here just as much as your ego can’t handle me. I’ve been on the search for a new job since he put me “on leave” and have had a couple offers. I don’t have to be petty like him. Doing interviews on zoom while we’re literally all in the same office because he’s probably embarrassed to be in the same room as me.

I can’t wait to find a better position at a company that will treat me like a human being, and appreciate what I have to give. Not retaliate when they realize maybe they haven’t been perfect.

So, send me your prayers, best wishes and good vibes as I look for the next step in my life.

Take this job and shove it / Johnny Paycheck

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