It’s Like The More Money We Come Across The More Problems We See

I received an annoying email from my boss this morning and have been in a bitchy mood since. First off it was @ 8 something on a Saturday morning. Slow your roll ding dong. Nothing good work related happens that early on the weekend. Next I see the subject line ‘Status quo for now’ and I’m 100% mood wrecked.

Let me back track first to Thursday, although even that will need some details thrown in. It’ll be like one of those movies we all hate where they’re jumping around the timeline with the little dates and places in white on the bottom right/left, either to subtle you miss it, or so giant it takes over the screen. I’ll try and weave it in just right.

Thursday. July 21st, noonish. My boss comes at the worst possible time as I had for some RANDOM REASON, I had just gotten a nose bleed which was very rare and so I’m trying to get a handle on that. And he walks up to me and says hey, let’s go for a walk. Ummm? A walk? We literally never do that. Ok well as humans we obviously walk. But like separately, on our own and not during work hours with nose bleeds. So I’m kinda disconcerted. Normally if he has anything private to discuss, he’ll ask me to come to his office, and if it’s REALLY important he’ll close the door.

So I’m following him down the hall of the office building literally holding a Kleenex to my nose wondering if this is possibly/probably about the week before when we didn’t really get along because tensions were high. Our only other coworker was away for a week and when that happens I feel my boss gets super stressed and he doesn’t handle it the best. Picture a chicken running around with its head cut off but professionally. And I get it. He’s handling his job and most of my coworkers, while I take on the parts of hers I’m able to as well. But it causes a lot of tension between himself and I.

So this is what I’m thinking as we walk down. That he probably wants to address it in someway. How he handled himself etc. Well. Not really. After about 15 minutes of getting to the point, he said he was going to bump my pay up $5,000. Keep in mind this is not at all what I expected since he did this about 3 months ago as well. But this one came with him saying that this increase gets me more at a level of management to the same level as himself and my coworker however bonuses will be compensated based on our workload etc. which I understand. My coworker works like 80 a week and if available 24/7 to the clients. Something I’d never want.

Anyway, I was like ok, thanks great and all, but I didn’t want to leave that conversation feeling like we could leave the last few weeks just swept under the rug/raise so to speak. If he wants to show his appreciation for the extra work I do when either himself or my coworker are gone, that’s awesome but things are still going to happen unless we address the problem that makes situation arise.

So, me being me, I took the time so address the problem. Which varied. But boiled down to him not being very aware of my position and what I actually do, or need to do my job. Also, assuming I’m not understanding what he’s saying as opposed to me hearing exactly what is being said, and maybe in his overwhelmed state, him not explaining correctly, which leads to him thinking I’m and idiot. I don’t appreciate that.

I also asked if he could make an attempt to attend the weekly meeting we as a ‘company’ as suppose to do to wrap up the week. So that everyone knows where we are and what’s going one. Both myself and my coworker think if he did this regularly, he wouldn’t be as stressed when he has to jump in. Or when he jumps in, he wouldn’t be changing things up randomly, which stresses us.

Basically I as gently as I could, without using these terms, ‘called him out’ and he as the boss and as a man, did not like that. He said he’s trying to say he knows I step up and that’s what the raise was for, and he can’t sing kum by ya (no idea how to spell that) which I don’t expect. I’m like look boss, you want my guarantee that I’ll be around and that giving me a raise is a good idea, I’m telling you it is, that why I need to bring these issues to light. If I planned on jumping ship, I wouldn’t care to deal with this junk.

So, fine whatever. Seemed ok. We get to a decent place. He’s somewhat ok with a bruised ego. I ask him when the increase would be implemented, he’s not 100% why? Well, that morning I had considered different options about a vehicle, when, if, how? And I asked if it’d be possible to get a advance or some arrangement. So we got into how much when and all that. I wasn’t sure, I’m just asking if this is an option which he’s fine with.

Ok, so back in the office (I realize I didn’t tell the whole story about the weeks before and what exactly he did to make me feel nervous about the conversation to my timeline is pretty clear) he sends me an in office memo saying he’s got to put the implementation on hold for now and work of numbers etc and he will let me know. Um ok. Like what else do I say? No? Now? He just gave me a raise a few months ago, I don’t really have a leg to stand on. Plus I know I just held a mirror up to his face outside, and he’s not happy.

So he ends up staying til the end of the day which was super rare. Normally he dips out early. Again I think cause I called him out on the meeting issue. We planned for a Friday morning meeting that we could all attend at 9:30, all good.

Friday morning rolls around and I see on the zoom he’s working from home, whatever. The meeting takes double the time because he doesn’t know have the meeting items even though it’s a check list that’s completed each week (by J and I). Like my boss made this list bust for the last maybe year or so has been at 2-3 of these meetings. So when J or I go on vacation and, at least I find he’s at the meeting asking all these questions, they could be avoided if the was at them weekly. And that we the idea from the start. For everyone to know what’s going on weekly. Especially if someone’s on vacation, that’s not the time for him to be learning something that could be know weekly, that cuts everyone’s stress down. He didn’t like me telling him the obvious.

Anyway, the meeting was finally over. Week done right? I thought so to. Until the email this morning.

Status quo.

My Boss

So there you have it. The result? I spent my day cleaning my house trying not to be to pissed at myself for yet again letting my thoughts that everyone wants to get everything out in the open like me ruin my career.

* Edit * He literally sent me a reply asking me to check the fonts on my email signature this morning 😑. With a screen cap and a big red circle around my signature. It’s not even crazy different like you would expect, like wing dings or something, just the numbers in my phone number go a little above/below the standard line. I’ve been using it since I started for the company as far as I can remember. But NOW it’s an issue. So I emailed back, asking what he would prefer, not even commenting on how his looks. According to him it looks like there are different fonts on different lines, and he wants it consistent, but he thinks we’re on Calibri 11…. Ahhhh yes. The ol’ Calibri 11. The very boring standard. I thought a signature was supposed to represent you in some way, so I went with the very slightest alternative, that was barely noticeable. But not with his ego in town. Not today.

Mo Money Mo Problems Notorious B. I. G.

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