Shake, Shake Your Body And The Blood Begins To Boil

4. I had four seizures overnight, and so this is a late post since I’ve spent most of the day sleeping between checkins and reapplying the leads I pulled out etc.

I don’t remember the first actual seizure happening but shortly after the nurse came in and I had only been sleeping about 30 minutes and so I wasn’t even sure if I had slept. I was pretty confused. Anyway she came in and did my vitals trying to explain what happened and tried to ask me questions like so I could name things but I was both having difficulty speaking as well as remembering the names. I was just over all very confused.

It took a good 20 minutes of me sitting in the bed with her pointing to things she pulled out from her bucket until I finally was able to name basic items like pens and the colour of highlighters plus cartoon flash cards of animals. So after that I was able to go back to bed.

I guess I throughout the night I had another 3 seizures which were a little more intense that I didn’t really wake up from until much later. Once where there was blood coming from my mouth. I didn’t wet the bed which was nice, but I definitely had a major headache today.

So in the morning at some point one of the interns came in and said we’re going to put me back on my full medication because after last night they got all the information they need. And if I’m seizure free until tomorrow I can probably go home. I was like oh man that’s quick. Then she said if not my tomorrow you’ll have to wait over the weekend since they don’t do admissions on the weekend. Ok fine.

Then I went back to bed until later when the neurologist who I’ve been seeing since the summer and got me into this clinic came in the afternoon. He said he’s reviewed the EEG and thinks the seizures start on the right side and possibly spread to the left where they go into their fullness. But he wants to review all my testing more throughly. He needs to review the time I went for that pet scan (where I was radioactive after) because the part of my brain shows that it’s slightly less active in the part where the seizures are starting off in the right but then spreading. So he wants to talk to radiology and MRI. He said I definitely won’t be going home tomorrow but will be staying at least until Monday, but let’s not make any plans about leaving that day either.

So. I’ve basically been sleeping, eating here and there today. I’ve just finished dinner and I’m ridiculously hungry, which is kinda normal for me after a seizure but there not much I can do about it stuck in bed.

Im just wondering how weird it would be to order a pizza to the hospital… or if I can?

Shake, Shake/ OV7

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