Through All Of The Chaos I’ll Find A Way Out I Know Home Is Where You Make It

Chaotic. That would be the main word I’d use. Frustrating. Annoying. Not as planned. There is so much out of the ordinary going on that’s out of my hands right now I don’t even have the capacity to pick a single word to explain it.

Home. I’m still at home. The hospital started off by waiting until the last minute to let me know they shut a bed down due to staffing shortages. Well they didn’t even let me know, I had to call them the Friday I before I was due to leave to see if things were finalized and they were like… ohhh that? That’s not happening. We are so many people behind because we had to close a bed and they weren’t sure if they would be reopening it or not. So again, they said they’d let me know with 24-48 hours notice of when I’d have to be there for my admission time.

Well, that was annoying. I called my mom to let her know and she basically said she’d like to come at that time anyway. So she left her place in Edmonton on the Friday afternoon and drove partway to Calgary then stayed there overnight and then came the rest of the way Saturday. I guess her and my dad weren’t doing the best and they felt that the time apart for a break would be helpful even though I didn’t need her quite yet.

So my moms been here over a week now. No my the worst. But I like things planned. And having to explain to my boss that, well, actually, I didn’t need that time off but I do need time off, but I don’t exactly know when I’ll need time off… please? Has been weird. It wasn’t the worst until my coworker got a call in the middle of the day while I happened to be in the office for my one day a week and got the horrible news that her dad has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

So it’s one day in January that the 3 of us have been in the office together since before Christmas. We had all expected me to be gone by then and now I’m miraculously back due to staffing issues at the hospital, and we throw this news on top of it. She leaves for the day and my boss rightfully mentioning when it rains it pours.

We get work divvied up for the time being and figure out who will do what for now. My boss is great and just says it is what it is. If I’m here then I’m here, if I’m not then it’s good I finally get the Vancouver stuff sorted out.

Fast forward to two days ago when I call for an update at the hospital and the day actually now that they’ve closed another bed and there are still two people who need to get in before me, as well as the two who are currently occupying the beds. It could be another week or two before I go. Not counting the week my moms been here already.

So I discussed it with my mom. She’s welcome to stay, or if she prefer to go back home and come back she’s welcome to do that to. It’s her decision. She decided to stay. She has her work with her, and says the whole ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ line in regards to her and my dad. Ok her choice. Plus she’s been helping with my grandpa who’s Alzheimer’s is setting in like a brick while she’s here.

I’ve been able to get lots of errands done with her here and the kids are enjoying it. There are aspects of it I could definitely do without, like the loud political comments and constant sharing of Facebook posts. Oh ‘C look at this.’ Or ‘oh this is funny watch this’

But the cherry on the cake, was when I woke up this morning and was helping Z get ready for school when she said Nonno was here. I was like no it’s Nanna. She’s like no, Nonno. And we went back and forth a couple times before she said Nanna said Nonno came at 3 in the morning, his trucks out front.

Apparently my dad drove all day, doubling back through construction adding 5 hours to an already 10 hour trip to get from Edmonton to Kelowna because he missed my mom, and wanted to see her.

I didn’t hear anything since I sleep with earplugs (very unsafe I know) but he got in around 3 and my mom made him a sandwich and they talked for a hour before they both tried sleeping on the single bed (they aren’t small people 😆) until my mom ended up on my couch. Which is where Z found Nanna and got the early morning update.

So, chaotic and weird. Anything but expected. Home.

For those wondering, I’m not in the hospital. I’m still working. I’m still not driving. I’m here. At home. In my little manufactured home. With two kids. With my two parents. And their dog, who’s causing me to need a reactine each day.


But alive

Chaos / Prevail

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