I Don’t Wanna Leave This Dream, Don’t Wake Me Cause I Never Seem To Stay Asleep Enough

I got a call. I actually got it before my last call, but because I had been a lazy butt, I had to catch up on Christmas junk before I could tell you this juicy gossip. It’s actually (again) not that juicy, but well let me just write my post and get back on track.

I got a call. More specifically I got the call. I’ve been waiting since my first appointment with the epilepsy clinic last summer for this call. They want to book me in for the appointment where I have to literally stay in bed for a week or two while they try and catch some seizures on their monitors.

They had wanted me to come in the Friday after they called but that was to quick for me. I’ve been waiting months for them to book me in, so I was pretty shocked they called and said they wanted me for a few days away. I had to much I would need to arrange for a two week trip out of town for starters, but I also didn’t want to blow my chances of getting into the clinic considering I’ve been waiting this long. So I asked if I could push it until the end of Jan instead. I’m a single mom I have to arrange for child care and come in from out of town etc. Plus my boss is currently on holidays so it’s not the best timing to leave. She said she could push it a couple weeks, but the admission dates weren’t guaranteed. Because the tests were run for each patient for a minimum of 1 week and then continued for another week depending on what type of seizures they documented, they couldn’t really book the next patient in for a concrete time. It was all dependent on how the patients before them testing went.

Uggggggh. So now. I’m trying to ask my mom if she can come and watch my kids starting Jan 31st… Maybe. Maybe after. Maybe for one week maybe for two. All on a maybe basis. And keeping in mind that she’s driving here from Edmonton because she’s still against vaccines and so she can’t fly.

THEN, I have to ask so some time off. But not only do I have to ask my boss who’s away on holidays for time off, I don’t know the exact dates I need off, or for how long I’ll be gone for. Plus it’s right in the middle of all our busy payroll tax time for all our year end returns.

So my mom was not that big of a deal. We kind of knew this was coming and she had previously said she’d be available to watch the kids for when I needed for these kind of appointments. Which is why I turned to her in the first place. I explained that it’s not a for sure date but I’ll let her know as I know. And as far as I know, I’ll get more info on Friday, Jan 28th if they’ll for sure be ready for me to be there for Monday the 31st. If so, I’ll call up Mom and she’ll drive out over the weekend and I’ll fly to Vancouver Sunday night and be ready to go for Monday.

As far as my boss, he said if it’s for a medical thing it is what it is and just to let him know the dates as I do. He wants me to prepare himself and my coworker as much as I can in advance, especially since my coworker will most likely be doing my job while I’m away. He’ll step in if it gets busy but I’ll review it with her. A few days later he also said if it’s only for two days, he would still pay me and I didn’t need to take vacation… which I kinda thought would happen, actually tbh I hadn’t even thought about it, but glad he put it out there like that.

So with those few things sorted out I called back the hospital and confirmed that I could come the 31st. And she’s like ‘tentatively’ I’m like yeah however close to that date we can get me. She confirmed she’d have be scheduled for then but reminded me it’s a very fluid process and they can’t control things and book exact dates so far out. They’ll try and call me the Friday beforehand but if I don’t hear from them, to call by the afternoon. Very reassuring hey.

She also went over a quick rundown of what to expect, saying the thing most patients complain of is boredom. You lay in bed all damn day. You have EGG wires attached to your head 24/7. You can’t go to the bathroom unless you ring for a nurse. You eat in bed. Now with covid your not allowed visitors. Showers are at a minimum and must be monitored by a nurse because your standing up.

Honestly all I heard was a guaranteed week alone, maybe two with as much uninterrupted napping as I wanted. No kids. No one to cook dinner for. No work to do. I don’t even have to shower if I don’t want to.

I can lay in bed and watch tv. I can read. I can sleep. I get my meals brought to me. I get to wear pjs/sweat pants. Only things with zippers or buttons because it can’t go over my head. I don’t have to uncomfortably come up with excuses about not wanting to have people over because I’m not allowed visitors. Like honestly this sounds like my dream vacation.

Yes there is the past about them lower your medication because they want to track your seizures. And in order to do that… well you need to have seizures. So that might be uncomfortable, I get it. But I also get that if I have a seizure, or two or three, I don’t have to get out of bed that morning and get the kids ready for school and get off to work myself. I don’t have to go grocery shopping or basketball practice. I don’t have to pick up kids from sleepovers or drive into work and not mess up.

I get to rest. And relax.

I have 0% probability that I’ll be bored. I’ll be relaxed. And resting. And might not want to come home.

Don’t Wake Me /Skillet

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