Tiptoe Through The Tulips With Me Knee Deep In Flowers We’ll Stray We’ll Keep The Shadows Away

Over the past few years or so, I’ve gotten really into house plants. Now if you knew me in ANY way shape or form at ANY point in my life life beforehand, you’d know I previously had what I’d self diagnosed as a ‘black thumb’ as opposed to a green thumb. I killed anything that came my way. Not on purpose mind you, it just… well it just died.

The little seedlings you were given in elementary school to bring home to plant never grew. My section of the family garden always failed. Plus it didn’t help I’m allergic to what seems like the outdoors. Things like grass clippings, pollen as well as animal fur and feathers give me hives so I tended to spend more time inside leading me to give up on the whole idea of plants in general. It didn’t really occur to me that indoor plants could take place separate from outdoor gardening. Even after I moved into my first solo apartment and received a few house warming plants as gifts. In my mind I had failed already, due to my black thumb. So as I watched them slowly die, it seemed to me fitting and I barely gave it a second thought. Not even ‘hmm, maybe I should water it more or less or put it somewhere more sunny.’ I just went along with the failure.

The first time I considered putting any effort into my own plants, was when I bought my first place in Edmonton after the divorce. I had moved back with the kids, finished up school, started a new job and bought my first house that was only mine. I was trying to think about making it the best place for my kids. So I remember specifically, honest to goodness, thinking I need some plants to help clean the air here. So I went to Canadian Tire or Walmart I can’t remember, and got two fairly large house plants. Which at the time I had no idea other what they were other than they looked decent and will fill my empty house and hopefully clean the air lol.

Skip to 4 years later? Those two plants survived the move here. Which lead me to think, yeah C! Maybe you can handle this shit! And slowly over those few years I’ve acquired a collection of about 15 house plants 😎 and they have become my main hobby. I find myself moving them around to where the sun is shining like cats who move in the window ray’s to get the most light. I fertilize with my egg shells and replenish the soil. I must my fern and orchid. I use my aloe vera’s gel in the summer when I fall asleep at the beach and burn my skin. And, like a beautiful gift from God, one of the two original plants I bought in Edmonton? The week of my birthday? Bloomed for me 🥰. I had to research it because like I said, I didn’t know what kind of plant it was. But upon extensive Googling and a free week of the picture this app lol, I figured out I have the corn plant which is an unexpected bloomer.

So I felt pretty blessed to have that happen for my birthday nonetheless.

Anyway I started all this, not to just have a little chit chat about my plants, but what I’ve been learning from my growing relationship with them. The parallels plants have with the world around them are unprecedented.

First off, each plant is unique in such a beautiful way. Yes, we may be talking about 100 yellow tulips. However even if each of those tulips are 12 inches tall and the exact shade of yellow, each petal will be formed slightly different according to how the tulips absorbed the rain one day, or for how long the clouds cast a shadow on them individually so they got varying amounts of sun. Maybe the breeze blew differently on each depending on where each was rooted causing the petals to grow independently of the stem yet still just as gorgeous as you would expect for a tulip. Also, in reference to where they were rooted. Maybe the gardener sowed perfectly straight rows and planted the seeds exactly the same distance apart, but maybe some didn’t take. Plus even after the dirt is thrown over the seeds, the gardener has no control over which direction the actual roots grow. Maybe some of the soil had more nutrients compared to the soil where other seeds where planted but those seeds weren’t planted as deep etc. there are sooooooooo many variables to take into consideration when looking at the beauty of plants and how they got to the place they are at and the fact that there never was not will there ever be a plant/flower like that individual one ever again.

And it feels like myself. I haven’t quite figured out how deep I’m planted yet. Or what kind of plant I am. I don’t know if I’ll ever blossom or even if my type of plant does. I know that I require both up and down. Leaves to absorb the sunlight, and roots to soak up nutrients and water. Cut either part of me off, and I fail. I die.

I don’t know how deep down my roots go, or how big and beautiful my leaves are. But, for now… I’m sure I’m still planted growing and getting everything I need from all sides. And for me? That’s a win 🏅

Tiptoe Through The Tulips / Tiny Tim

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