Spread The Word Around The Rat Is Leaving Town The Message Is A Song The Misery Is Gone

Rats. Again. If I had an arch nemesis, this would be it. Little black rice looking turds in my wonderfully clean kitchen. I’ve been running my AMAZING vacuum everyday since my birthday Wednesday and it’s phenomenal. In the last couple days I’ve honestly thought to myself maybe this new vacuum has been in the kitchen cleaning SO damn well, that it was brushing under my kitchen cupboards in an intense way. Like SO intense that it was possibly flicking bits of paint or cement grout chunks from below the edges of where the cupboards met the tile, into my kitchen along the edges of my floor. Two days ago I saw maybe two or three poops (I don’t know the correct term for rodent shit) thinking the above. Then yesterday I saw a couple more while doing my cleaning. I mopped the floor after the vacuum was done doing it’s thing so I KNOW it was 100% clean. I even mopped it again once the kids finished lunch because I’m anal like that. So I unfortunately knew this morning when I got up that the little droppings around my kitchen were in fact, droppings. A. Lot. Of. Droppings. Because the vacuum hadn’t run between yesterday and this morning when I made my coffee so there was no way it could flick the wall to break off pieces of paint, as much as I would have preferred that. And what confirmed it, was the little dried yellow puddle of urine (see so professional knowing the word instead of pee 😂) that was in front of my stove.

So the kiddos and I went on a hunt to look around and find a the spots where the bastards left there shit and it was all over the kitchen and a few in Little E’s room. I found a company that will come out tomorrow and do thorough inspection to find where the little buggers are getting in and seal the spots off as well as deal with the ones they find humanly. I’ll be honest, I don’t care about how they are dealt with. I would prefer they just are taken far far away and not have any way to ever come back here ever again.

I was talking with my sister N about it and she’s prefers rodents over say, spiders 😱 Ummmm never in a million years would I want a rat running around my kitchen more than a spider. Killing a spider is the easiest thing. Grab a tissue or two then squish, squeeze and fold up then toss in the garbage. Done and done. N’s like but what if the spider has babies and then you have like two thousand spiders crawling around! K, first off N your being a little dramatic. Secondly, just kill it as soon as you see it, before you have ‘thousands’ of baby spiders crawling on you. Besides, when you compare that to laying in bed hearing rats tick tick ticking around your floors, scratching cereal boxes or eating fruit on your counter, there’s a clear winner. You have to set out a huge trap and then when you hear the loud SNAP you know there’s a dead rat body laying in the trap *gag* that you have to deal with. Or what if it didn’t die completely in the trap? What if it’s pathetically struggling *double gag* THEN WHAT!!!! I can’t kill a half dead rat?!!!!?! Picking up a dead one to throw in the garbage is enough to make me want to throw up. But possibly attempt to deal with one that’s not all the way killed? Nope. That’s 100% way worse than a spider. There is no way I’m brave enough for that.

I’ve had to deal with a lot in life, but mice/rats? Nope. That’s where I call in the big guns. I’ll admit, I’m scared. A big ol chicken. I’m not even going to try and lay out the traps from last year when we had the first rat droppings and the dude came to deal with it. We never ended up finding one but he left the traps for me. They are just going to stay in the cupboard right where they are, looking pretty. I don’t care that it’s going to cost me $89. At this rate I’d pay next month’s mortgage if it meant I would be able to live in the house with my peace of mind in tack. Cause if the rats start overrunning this place imma end up heading to a hotel anyway.

So, I have to wait one night for my saviour to come and do their inspection. Yes, I could have called someone else to come immediately. Yes other companies could have done it cheaper. But this company will do the inspection and seal all the holes they find as a point of entry. And I’m not good with handy(wo)man stuff. Which I’d probably why I have this issue in the first place. I’m good at logic’s and computers and inside things. I don’t own any tools of any sort. I don’t have a ladder to check up on my roof. I don’t think I even have a flashlight to look around anywhere. I also wouldn’t even know where to begin to have an idea of what to use to seal a hole if I did happen to find one by chance. So, for the little extra money, and the overnight wait, I think it’ll be worth it to have this company do the extra work that I obviously can’t/won’t do. Because as we’ve seen so far this is a thing in this house, considering this has now happened twice in the last year or so.

So, I’m off to worry through the night hoping my toes don’t get nibbled while I sleep, but before that… I have some light saber repairs to make for Kylo Ren’s trick or treating experience tonight.

Flight of the rat / Deep Purple

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