Everybody So Judgmental Everybody Hurts, But I Don’t Judge Rentals It Was All So Simple

I had a really good birthday all things considered this year.

I woke up bright and early around 6:30 before the annoying blare of my alarm clock and just had some time to scroll Instagram which is my awful hobby that I need to break. Then Z came in my room with a homemade card for me and Little E came right after telling me to stay in bed to which I obliged.

While Z got ready for school and Little E rustled up my breakfast in the the kitchen, I finished setting up the gift I had gotten from my parents that arrived last night. I had plugged it in overnight to charge so that this morning while I laid in bed and enjoyed the fried egg sandwich and coffee Little E made me, I got to watch my new robot vacuum Georgie map out my house on his first run. Honestly, I don’t know how I could have imagined a better start to turning 34 taking everything into account. Kids up and out the door on their own. Hot coffee and a hot breakfast in bed, that’s more than I do for myself. My house vacuumed while I just watched? Fantastic.

After a great start, I did have to do a couple hours of work but not everything can be perfect. Then jumped in the shower before heading out to meet a friend for coffee. We went to Starbucks where I got my free birthday gift, although my friend was insisting on buying it so I had to explain that it was a reward that I could only use on my birthday so you might as well let me. Then we had a great visit for a couple hours and I got a wonderful gift from her as well. It’s on of those wax melting sets. I don’t remember the name of it and I’m already laying in bed and to lazy to go see on the box in the kitchen but it’s where you either plug it in or put a tealite candle underneath and the warmth melts the scented wax up top. My house smells so great! There’s one plugged above the kitchen counter now which is perfect for a nightlight, and the bigger decorative one in my room. I love ‘em.

Then once the kids got home I hung up the bird house Z made for me in the backyard. I’m 100% sure I’m going to have a bunch of weeds and stuff growing underneath where I hung it from all the dropped seeds, but I wanted to hang it in a place where she could reach it to refill it, or else it would become my job, and we’ve all seen how lazy I am 😑.

For dinner I knew originally I didn’t want to be cooking on my birthday but last night I was grumpy and expecting a crappy day today, based on experience and poor attitude and so had ordered pizza yesterday and a slice of cake for today. So today was just leftovers and a little piece of cake with a candle that the kids ate most of. I’m not the best role model when it comes to celebrating growing older. I don’t do big parties for my kids, I definitely never have and never will do a birthday party for myself. I don’t like get togethers for no reason, and even if there is a reason, I’ll be hard pressed to want to come/go/have it at my house. But I guess deep down, it’s becoming known to me that if I don’t want to be celebrated and if I don’t orchestrate it, it’s not going to happen. So I can’t justifiably pout about it. Which is how I’ve been behaving about the poor outcomes of my birthdays in the past. I’d never tell anyone when they were, or as a grown adult I wouldn’t invite people out for a get together or bar or lunch even. It didn’t have to have the title of ‘C’s birthday’ ‘Bring me gifts’ but just more so that I’m not sitting home alone all day and then being grumpy about it.

Which I think can be applied to life in general. Yes I LOVE being home alone and having peace and quiet. But let’s be honest, I love having a social life and going out to. So in order to have a social life, I guess, unfortunately… I have to be social 😱.

So, since I’m so much older and wiser today, you know being 34 and all 😏 I guess I’ll have to start taking my advice.

The one thing I did really miss today though, is getting flowers.

Hurricane / Kanye West

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