Sunny Day Sweepin’ The Clouds Away On My Way To Where The Air Is Sweet Can You Tell Me How To Get How To Get To Sesame Street

Just saw this post on Instagram. It reminded me that when I was in grade 6 I had a teacher, Mr. M (yes I remember his full name, but in keeping with the theme of my blog lol) and he took a short story I wrote and just thought it was the bees knees. At first, the whole class was doing some writing assignment about some imaginary thing, I can’t remember the prompt, but it was just a basic short story at first. But for me it somehow turned into something he thought had so much potential and seemed great. I stayed in a few recesses to edit it further than the other kids after they had received their marks back because Mr. M had found some kids short story place to get mine published or something. To be honest, I can’t even remember the big deal about my story. It was some imaginary story about Grover from Sesame Street or something like that. I don’t even know where I came up with the idea, but he told me I had written something with a lot of potential. I remember I had to take some permission slip home for my mom to sign to have him enter it in this paper or journal… I don’t remember the details per say.

All I know, is after all these extra lunch breaks on the computer at the back of the classroom while my friends were out playing, reading and re-reading this story, I finally saw it on a pink flyer. With my name at the bottom. Not as good as my name in lights or anything, but I never wanted to be famous, I only wanted ever to be published. So I guess, technically I am? Those are my words in writing. Distributed to everyone. I don’t think anyone paid for them, which is a dream of mine to, but I guess I should be more specific when I’m dreaming up dreams.

But, Mr. M believed in me. And to know there’s been someone in your life, encouraging you along the way, thinking you could do something with yourself even at such a young age. Well that’s nice to have in the back of your arsenal. I guess if I dug around enough, and put a little effort into my writing, maybe even put a shred of effort into editing these posts for starters, that maybe I could go somewhere these days. But let’s not get to crazy. I wouldn’t want Sesame Street to start calling for legal reasons.

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