Making My Way Back Into My Hometown Funny How This All Looks Different But It Feels The Same

My thanksgiving was actually super enjoyable. The kids were so excited about flying, and while yes, I was anxious, it turned out fine. We arrived fine and my Dad picked us up in his big ass truck which I totally forgot his had gotten a few months before we had moved out here. I’m no slouch but even I had to grab the handle bar and pull myself up into it like I was five foot nothing. Just like old times, he had a twenty pack of timbits waiting in the back for the kids, which they downed on the way home from the airport. It took less than 20 minutes for him to start talking politics, probably because the signs are up for a provincial election, but I just let him say his thing and didn’t engage him much on that. It helps that I didn’t really know much of what was going on living in a different province now, but I really just didn’t want to get into it with him after our flight and in front of the kids. As soon as we got to my parents house, the kids had big hugs for my mom and I guess they took their backpacks downstairs and literally unpacked all their stuff. Little E laid out all his clothes into piles to wear day by day and Z had all hers sorted into the little nightstand, it was so cute. They definitely made themselves at home.

The next morning I went for a wonderful massage while the kids hung out with my parents, then we went for a visit to my little sisters house to see her and her two kids. Her and her husband recently separated so she’s staying in a new apartment as of September just down the road from my parents which was super convenient for my visit. We had lunch there and the kids played so well. Her new baby is almost 5 months but stayed awake most of our lunch and is just the cutest chub monster ever. Adorable. After that is was just chilling at my parents and playing at the park.

Saturday morning my sister and her husband took the four kids to the corn maze while I did absolutely nothing and it was fantastic. In the afternoon my parents did some errands with the kids like a haircut for Little E and winter boots and snow pants for them, while my sister and I went to the mall and hung out. I got new bras which was so overdue. Edmonton just has so much more shopping wise than we have here, plus when I can’t drive… it helps to have a car and chauffeur to do this kinda stuff.

Sunday morning was Thanksgiving here in Canada, so we went to Church with my parents. By this time I wasn’t feeling 100% since I hadn’t been sleeping well in the bed at my parents house and had a little headache. The music at church was also loud for me. Once the sermon started I felt nauseous and just out of it. I told my mom I needed to leave because I honestly felt like I was going to have a seizure, which is VERY rare for me to feel one coming. She took me to the mothers nursing room for some privacy and I sat on the couch and not even a minute later I ended up seizing.

It only lasted about 1-2 minutes and it wasn’t a full on grand mal, because for some reason I could hear my mom talking during it, but I couldn’t control anything during it as well. Like it was a seizure where I was shaking and I could hear the weird noises I myself was making. Not cool. Then when it was done, I really wanted to ask for a drink of water but it took me about a minute before I could make my mouth say the words I wanted them to say. I was definitely thinking it, and trying, but it didn’t happen like I wanted. So my mom explained she would leave me and have dad get the kids and pull the truck to the back so I could walk out without having to many people talking to me since on the way in everyone was wanting to say hi. We made a fairly easy exit and we’re able to get home. I ended up napping the whole afternoon instead of helping make thanksgiving dinner which I felt bad about but mom said it was fine because I was saying words that didn’t even make sense like toaster oven etc. so obviously I was out of it and needed the sleep.

But I woke up just in time for the dinner when both my sisters came with their families. Yes even my little sister and her separated husband which was somewhat awkward the day before but now was fine. We had a great meal, played some poker (which I won) and Dutch blitz, for which I was an awfully slow teammate and called it a night. Little E and Z went home with my sister R and her husband and 4 girls to sleepover and the next day we picked them up on the way to the airport. They live on an acreage. So they spent Monday morning shooting BB guns and bow and arrows. They made French toast and played all sorts of cops and robbers etc. There’s just so many kids their age there it was great.

One last final flight home and that was our jam packed thanksgiving weekend. We got in as much family time as possible, managed to bring some handmedowns for my little nieces and bring back some Christmas gifts from my sister. Ohhh I forgot one of the best parts of the trip, was when we arrived, my mom had written little notes for each of us in our rooms along with a little chocolate and gift. I just thought the note was so nice, something she’s never done before. For the kids each of theirs said something like thanks for coming to visit us, or something like that. I just thought it was so sweet. It definitely made my trip.

Anyway, if your in Canada, I hope you all had a beautiful thanksgiving and if you celebrate it later enjoy it in the time to come.

Thanksgiving Song /Ben Rector

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