No Strings Attached

Just because you said no strings attached

Doesn’t mean the bonds weren’t already made

And now broken.

Painfully torn from the depths of my heart when you walked away.

Just because you said the words doesn’t just make it seem ok.

Like you didn’t make a huge mistake.

Or dig a mass grave

For the mass amounts of emotions I had to dump in when you walked away.

You never even looked back to see if I was alright.

To see if I was able to pick all the bits and pieces of myself off the floor

The ones that had broken off from me when you walked away.

Because I haven’t been alright in any way shape or form since that day.

I haven’t pieced myself together or grieved or done the grave right since that time you walked away

It wasn’t that I was always fighting with you

Sometimes we were both just having a bad day

It wasn’t that I didn’t understand you

Sometimes I understood to much and it made you feel different than ever before

It wasn’t that the sex was bad

Hell no it was amazing and we pressed each other to depths we’d never been

And maybe that’s why you walked away

Because new and deep can be different and confusing, but I thought we were doing it together.

But instead you walked away

So I hope where you walked to is ok

Better than where you were here with me

Because I’m trying to heal, but it gets weirder each day.

The extremes are more each way.

Goods are fantastic. But the bads are revolutionary

And just when we needed each other more, you walked away.

And I’m sure you won’t walk back but I don’t know what to say to a man who walked away.

We weren’t perfect in anyway, but my dreams won’t give me rest.

I wake up everyday from another life where we live the finest

Where everyday you stay and enjoy and we grow first and foremost peerless

In this world I fight against it. Trying to move on and close the grave, but my dreams, no my nightmares persist

That we together are the greatest.

But I know. I think I know. That I can’t achieve the best.

With a man who walked away.

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