I Can See You In The Morning When You Go To School Don’t Forget Your Books, You Know you’ve Got To Learn The Golden Rule

The kids are back at school. Finally. We just finished day 3 of grade 3 for Z at her new school and grade 6 for Little E at his new middle school, where everything he does and wears has to be ‘cool mom’ 😎 😒 (update I started this post last week, but I’m now finishing it up after almost two weeks of school are done)

I took last week while they were in school to just kinda get used to being alone. I had grand plans to get my house back into shape and clean everything from top to bottom. I’m laughing as I write that. I didn’t do shit all. I started the week completely stressed about bussing since I still hadn’t heard from the transportation department if Z had gotten on the bus yet, even after constantly trying to get in touch with them. I ended up emailing the school principal to see what she could do on Sunday not thinking it would go anywhere, since it was the Sunday before school, but she replied saying she’d also email them seeing what she could do. The whole reason I switched her schools was so she could be on the bus. I woke up Monday (which is a holiday here, school started Tuesday) with a swollen lymph node and was just ridiculously done stress wise, and couldn’t wait for the kids to be in school and done with the whole summer. All I could think about was how in the world was I going to get Z to school!!!!! But later that day the transportation department emailed me the details that Z was on the bus FINALLY, so the day before school starts I could finally let it go.

On Tuesday, once I get them both off to school, and for the rest of the week, I did my work from home bit, obviously. But then I just sat around and watched a lot of tv and ate a lot of junk. I even took a nap one day. It was so nice and quite and I didn’t have to be worried about going to pick them up by 2:30 when school was done I could just relax. I only left my house once all week, which is becoming my routine since I don’t drive, to go to work on Thursday. I barely got dressed at all, just hung out in pjs. I only showered twice all week. I know it’s getting gross now but oh well. You should see my pits/legs. I haven’t shaved since who knows when cause I figured what’s the point 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Anyhoo. Z came home from her first day any the first thing she said near broke my heart. She walked in the door and I asked how it went and she said ‘I didn’t make any new friends’ 🥺😢😭. I felt so much for her. I said it’s ok, you’ll have so many more opportunities in the days to come to meet so many friends. Today was just the first day. We have to give it time. The second day, she came home super worried because I guess the bus driver had told her both before and after school while she was getting on that he didn’t have her name on the list. I received a call from the school as well around the same time letting me know the same thing. So AGAIN, I had to call the transportation office to work out the details. At least this time they answered and we went over it and they said it should be fine she’s on the bus and they would make sure the driver got the new manifest. It was just because Z was added to the manifest so late (you’re telling me) that the driver must not have a copy of the new list. She said she’d make sure he’d get an updated version of the manifest. I felt so bad for her that she I guess had been worrying about it all day that she wasn’t allowed on the bus. I thought it would be fine since she had already been on the bus yesterday to and from school with no issues, and I had even said hello to the driver when I had walked Z to the bus stop on her first day. But anyway I explained to Z that everything was all sorted out now and it would be fine for Thursday and I would walk her to the bus stop again to make sure. The next day we went and the driver said it was all good, and it has been good ever since.

Tuesday, Little E came home and I asked him how his day as school was and he was like school was ok but the bus 🤯😨 oh the buuuuus. I’m like what do you mean? He explained it was so loud and everyone was swearing and talking about their boyfriends/girlfriends/ex’s and teasing/roasting each other. I said it might just be because they are excited because it’s the first day and they haven’t seen each other all summer. It might get better. But at the end of the week, as we talked about how school went, he still thought the bus was the most annoying part of school. He just thinks it’s so loud and the kids are just always yelling and arguing. It’s stressful for him. So I know I can’t necessarily make it better for him, and I also don’t want him to become a kid like that, but I also know that I can’t shelter him from people like that. There are kids like that in the world. And the best thing I can do for Little E is teach him skills that will show him how to interact with people who are like that, but not become like them. Instead to treat them kindly and just the same as you would treat anyone else, while at the same time maintaining his own emotions/stress at a healthy level.

So the first week was successfully completed in school, however I for one, as well as the kids had a complete melt down on Friday. The stress finally came to a boiling point for everyone. The new routines, waking up early, new busing, new schools, new teachers, new friends everything. I don’t remember how or why it happened but can easily report that it was most likely something really petty and insignificant. But we all just lost it. The kids started arguing and I no longer had the patience to deal with it and started yelling and we all thanks to me were grounded to our rooms.

On Saturday I literally just let us all have most the day watching tv, playing video games which is something I hardly ever do. But sometimes I know that even kids have stressful lives and need a break from the world in whatever way releases stress for them.

So now, after almost a second complete week into the school year, we are into a pretty regular routine and almost back to ourselves. Little E knew a handful of boys from elementary that are in his classes and he meets his other friends to play basketball at breaks. Z has made lots of friends and chats on kids messenger often with her friends from her previous school. The bus, well it is what it is and I’m just glad I don’t have to drive them anywhere that early in the morning or be worried about missing school pickups. Their old enough to walk to and home from the bus stop alone so I just wake up and have my coffee while I make sure they get ready and out the door on time.

So basically, my take away from the last couple weeks is the busing system in this area sucks balls. But as a family as far as school goes, once we worked out all the kinks, so far so good.

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