She’s On Fire, Put Her Out, As A Matter Of Fact, Take Her Out, Cause She’s On Fire

Just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse for a single person in one lifetime… like common God, this happens: I put the kids to bed last night and crawled into bed myself so excited for a week off planning to do absolutely NOTHING for this upcoming week, when I started to do my pre-bed Instagram scrolling. That’s when I saw it 👀

This post. A new wild fire blazing ridiculously close. My coworkers husband had posted this a few hours previously. They live across the lake in Kelowna, and we? We live in the area of the arrow. So needless to say it added to my stress. I started looking up information and news on the wildfire. What was happening with it where was it, how big was it? And all I could think was, I have no way of getting my kids out of it moves closer because I don’t drive anymore and I sold my car 😫. I found out that they were evacuating about 1900 houses and we were JUST outside the evacuation area but every report I read/listened to said the fire was growing fast and considered out of control. They were telling people to be prepared to leave their house in a moments notice and all I could think was that if everyone in my neighborhood was going to be leaving at the same time, there would be no way I would be able to get a ride with them as they would most likely have their own vehicles packed with their own possessions. Plus, there’s no was a taxi is going to come get us at a moment’s notice. So last night, even though technically we were and still are outside the evacuation area, I called my aunt who lives in Kelowna to see if we could stay with them. I just didn’t want to get caught/stuck at our place without a vehicle and regretting not getting out sooner. So when I called around 10, she answered saying they had just seen the news about 15 minutes ago and were talking about me wondering if I was okay and said she would send my uncle over right away. I packed up a backpack for each of the kids and myself and gathered all our important documents and my medications and when my uncle got to my place, this was the view from my park

So even though we aren’t on evacuation orders, I’m not regretting asking for help. This is scary close and I have to make smart decisions to make sure the kids and I are safe. Even if, in the end, we end up staying at my aunts for a few days and the fire is contained, or even put out and it was all for nothing, I’d still rather be safe than sorry.

We work up this morning and found out it had grown from 200 to over 800 hectares overnight so it is moving fast and furious. The firefighters are actively fighting fires in the backyards of homes and there have already been structures damaged. So, if you feel like praying I wouldn’t stop you at this point. There is also another wildfire moving in from the north so they are coming in from both sides.

Basically, so much for my nice relaxing week of doing nothing. 😕 I’m currently hoping my house doesn’t burn down.

On Fire / Lil Wayne

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