I’m Checkin’ Out To The Heavens Above Punched In The Teeth, Teeth By Love

So, Vancouver was… well it was there. I mean we were there and back in two days so not much exciting to report. My teeth are seriously still the main event. They hurt like nobody’s business. I can’t chew to save my life still. Every time I happen to close my teeth to hard or bite them together unfortunately it sends a shock through my mouth that hurts like a bitch. The dentist called me again today, and let me know that the place where they had originally gotten my guard from won’t be able to get the night guard as quickly as the dentist wants it. So her suggestion were that I either have them moved slowly bit by bit back into place over the course of a few months then have them glued in place while they stay there, or I come now and they freeze me and they move them quickly back in one fast motion. I told her to choose she’s the expert, and she said we should do it in one swift motion to prevent anymore damage and re-glue them to my bottom bar that they were torn off of. So I’ll be going this Friday for that.

As far as Vancouver, my MRI results were fine according to the Dr. Who just skimmed over the results quickly. Which is good in some ways, means I don’t have a tumour or anything like that floating around up in there. I met with the same Dr. at the epilepsy clinic who I spoke with on the phone who told me I couldn’t drive anymore. He did a full body exam and memory questions which I didn’t do to well at but he said part of that was due to the medication I’m currently on. Apparently memory recall can be an issue common with Topimax which made me feel a little better, and not quite as… stupid for lack of a better word.

The Dr. gave me a prescription for another medication to add to the one I currently take for my epilepsy and he said take this one for a couple weeks and we’ll see how this goes and if it helps any. I got it delivered from my pharmacy this morning, since I don’t drive 😒 and today is my first day on it. After a week I’ll double the dose. Then the Dr. and I will have another appointment over the phone in a few weeks.

Other than all the appointments, while in town, we did check out Granville market and Stanley Park. I was very thankful to my mom who did all the driving for me and helped with my kiddos while I was in my appointments and such. We touched the ocean and I personally was surprised at the difference in temperature there weather-wise compared to here. When we left Kelowna it was about 35•, and when we got to Vancouver it was 18• at best. I was not dressed for the weather at all. It was cool and cloudy and just overcast and breezy at best. I was glad to get back to the Okanagan on Friday, when even in the evening when we drove in at night it was still 30•. I’ve definitely gotten used to the warm weather. I grew up in Edmonton, where winters were freezing cold and I was NOT an outside person. Then, living in Namibia as well as Kenya were much more appealing to me. But finally settling here in Kelowna, I definitely think I’ve found my place. Nice hot summers, with just enough ‘winter’ to cool you off but you can get by with just a sweater. That’s my kind of weather. Now all I need is the sun to shine a bit more in winter and life would perfect. Well, that and my teeth to be back straight 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Punched In The Teeth By Love / Motley Crew

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