You Make Me Feel Fine All Of The TimeRed Red Wine, You Make Me Feel So Fine

So I had a little mini vacation this past weekend. As much as you could consider it a vacation with my mom and sisters both there. But my kids were gone so for me, that’s a MAJOR holiday 🙌🏼. My family flew out on Friday and we started out the afternoon with massages, which I’ve decided is how every holiday should start out. It was the best way to get nice and relaxed. Then we went and loaded up at the liquor store which none of us normally do, but hey we’re on holidays. So after that, we headed to the beach with our newly acquired purchases and chips plus our relaxed bodies to float kid free for a few hours before heading back to my place and ordering a few pizzas and watching a movie.

Saturday we had reservations for both lunch and dinner at two of the best wineries around but in the morning before we headed out, my older sister R convinced my Mom…. Well didn’t convince so much as asked my mom and she agreed, if she would be ok with us all getting matching tattoos 😳. I was out of the room when the original conversation happened so can’t say exactly how it went but when they asked me after I was fine with it. I’m cool with tattoos, I have 3 already, and my sisters each have 1 but my mom doesn’t have any so I was pretty surprised she said yes and since she did, I jumped on the bandwagon lol.

I had the cage and letters previously but added the bird and flower on Saturday 🕊🌹

Anyway after we had some delicious fancy lunches overlooking the lake, we all went and got tattoos of hummingbirds, which were my grandma’s favourite bird. I was up for it since I previously had an empty cage which I got to represent my own freedom and that I was not being caged, so I was all good with having the bird flying on the outside of it since it added to the message I already was portraying. My sisters and mom ass just got line drawings of a hummingbird in various places and in our own styles but the experience was fun and meaningful.

Then we had another wonderful meal at another winery where I swear to you I ate the most delicious chicken I’ve ever had in my life. We had so many great conversations and made awesome memories. We didn’t cook a single meal all weekend since it was just us girls and my sister N’s new born baby who is adorable and no trouble cause honestly how much trouble can a 3 week old be. And it was a much needed relaxing weekend.

Now, they’ve all gone back home and I have that Dr.s call tomorrow which I’m both stressing about and looking forward to at the same time if that even makes sense. I want this surgery. I feel like my seizures are being more and I just want this stupid part that’s causing me to seize cut out and an excuse to have to lay in bed for 3-4 months 😩 and for someone else to have to watch my kids 😫. Sounds so great. I know it’s the stupidest excuse ever. But when you’re as stressed as I am, sometimes you need a break like this 😑. This past weekend was the first ‘vacation’ away from my both my kids where I was treated out for dinner and had a relaxing time that I’ve ever experienced in my kids life. And Little E will be 11 next month. So if having my brain cut open and having a piece cut out is what it takes to have a longer vacation, welp… I’m all for it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I literally don’t care the pain at this point. I’m having painful seizures a couple times a month anyway, where I chomp on my tongue and wake up with blood dried up having dripped out the side of my mouth and it’s left it swollen inside. Or I’ve scratched up my face a few times and had to cut my nails. Or the all attractive pee the bed moments. So yeah. I don’t see how surgery could be any worse. At least maybe people would offer to help after a day like that instead of when I’m struggling to try and be a good mom on my own after a night when I’ve had a seizure and people just don’t understand the pain it leaves a person in. Every muscle in my body is fatigued and tight. You have a massive headache after a grand mal. It’s just not pleasant. But no one gives a shit about single moms. But tell someone you had a surgery and people offer help left right and centre. There are casseroles dropped at your door. Kids are picked up for play dates. Groceries are picked up for you. The list goes on and on. You know what, I’m totally digressing. And this is not at all what I started talking about. Anyway. I had a great weekend, and tomorrow I have a phone conversation with the epilepsy clinic. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m hoping they say I’m a GREAT candidate for surgery because I want to be a lazy butt and have a relaxing couple months for once. And that’s as honest as I can be.

Also, I haven’t proofread this one or my last few posts 😳 sorry. I’m just basically doing huge massive texts and then posting. Hoping they’re somewhat legible.

Red Red Wine /UB40

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