There Is A Headache In My Head A Pulse In My Brain Nothing Will Ever Change

So I’ve been seizing. Lots. To much.

I had a seizure once in November, which was the first one I was aware of in what I think was close to a year, then now almost constantly every two weeks since mid December. There may have been more in there that I’m not sure of but they weren’t intense enough for me to know about. I say that since all my seizures happen in my sleep, and so I’m not gonna if they happen unless it’s closer to the morning and there are clues to let me know. Things like I over sleep my alarm, or have wet the bed, sometimes I bite my tongue really badly and my jaw is quite sore. The one two weeks ago I scratched my face up in two places and drew blood which was a first for me. But the most telling factor is that I’m just exhausted and sore. Like normally when you wake up from a full night of sleep you should feel rested and relaxed. When I’ve had a seizure I feel like it’s difficult to wake up. I feel like my thoughts are foggy and clouded and I feel like every muscle in my body ran a marathon than I didn’t sign up for. I feel like I worked out for 6 hours straight and I’m so sore. You know how when you go to the gym and you do like leg day one day and then arms the next etc? Well after a grand mal seizure it feels like did a full body work out for the full day and then some.

And I just don’t know how to stop them. I went to my family Dr’s after the first one in December and let him know what was going on and after a quick review of my file he found that my neurologist had prescribed a slight increase to my medication that I take for my seizures back when I went in Jan 2020, however it was somehow never processed. So now for the last month I’ve been on an increased prescription but I’m not sure how I feel about that yet because if this is any indication, it doesn’t seem to be helping much at all.

So, I guess all this to say… I’m frustrated. I’m so and frustrated.

On top of that issue, my kids and I are on our second self isolation of this whole COVID mess. Before Christmas someone in Z’s class had COVID so her class ordered into self isolation which we did. Now just yesterday I received an email saying the same for Little E’s class so we’re home again until Jan 22 🙁. Not my favourite at all. Technically Z could still go to school, and I’m still cool to live my life, but I don’t want to have to keep E stuck in his room isolated for 2 weeks, I don’t think that’s fair for a 10 year old. So in both cases I keep them both home with me so that it’s easier on their mental health. If I see signs/symptoms, then I’ll adjust my take on it but but so far so good.

So that’s it for now. Short and sweet since I have a raging headache 🤕.

-Headache/ Tiny Moving Parts-

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