The World Outside Looks So Unkind I’m Countin’ On You To Carry Me Through

So if you’re the praying type, please pray for me.

I took a detour on my way to the office this morning to gather myself. My boss let me know yesterday that conveniently he would be in the office today. It’s been months since we’ve seen each other and now of ALL days, I’ll have to deal with him. I thought I’d have time to process things next week when I have the week off from work before anything happened, but no. So I’m sitting here drinking my coffee which is probably not the best for me since I stopped this summer so this caffeine will be a huge jolt to my system, but historically I make bad choices so why change now.

I just think I’m not prepared to bring it up in any case. So I’ll do my absolute best to remain civil, but nothing more. I can’t handle the friendly chitchat which I normally start up or the trivial how’s life conversations. I’ll do my work and handle work situations and hopefully leave with at least my dignity in tack.

I’ll need it for this weekend when my parents are in town. I haven’t seen my dad in a year and my mom I saw this summer when she took the kids for a week. So they will only be here from Friday to Sunday but that’s plenty for me. My mom rented an Air BnB even though I offered for her to stay at my place and she also has a brother and then a sister who live here as well as her dad plus a bunch of my cousins so there are 5 houses she could have stayed at but this was her choice. I have to get through 48 hours which is totally doable, just not enjoyable.

On top of that, I’ve got my realtor/friend coming Tuesday to see the house and kinda go over what needs to be done to list the place. She’s suggested getting a house with a legal suite so I can get a bigger/better property and my broker said with a suite I’m approved for $600,000. Yes, obviously I can get a better place with that, but I’m not thrilled about the idea of being a ‘landlord’. It’s not that I’m bad with people or nervous about that, it’s because I’m not a handyman type person. So I’m my own house if something breaks I can put something together that somewhat works until I want to deal with it or can ask someone to help me fix it, which can take months. I’m currently using my kids shower because the handles on mine somehow stopped twisting. I eventually went to Home Depot and bought new handles and replaced them myself. The cold one works but the hot water only turns on to a bare dribble and then won’t turn anymore. So I basically gave up. And I know that kind of fixing won’t be anywhere near good enough for tenants. So I’m questioning if this is additional stress I need in my life. I’m leaning towards a hard no.

Then, I have our first counseling sessions for this coming Wednesday. I’m going on my own while the kids are in school and then we will go as a family to the kids first session with a different therapist so they are comfortable before they start on their own 25 minute slots at a later date. Anything more than 25 minutes is just to much for a kid I think. I but you keep it real, I’ll be thoroughly impressed if she can get Little E to talk for 5 minutes. Z could probably go for 3 hours straight if you let her but let’s just see how this goes.

Well speaking of how this goes, I’m headed to work now. Like I said, pray for me.

-Drift Away/Uncle Kraker-

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