And All We Wanna Do Is Get By Today Heyyy We’re Gonna Have A Good Day And Ain’t Nobody Gotta Cry Today

I cut myself short about my day yesterday. Probably because I was so concerned about the rat and couldn’t think straight.

But what I also did was call a few places looking to get the kids and I in for counselling. I’ve realized that I’ve been doing so much damage to them by freaking out in the morning and then just apologizing at night, that’s not at all what a healthy person/parent does and it’s not my kids fault. It’s no ones fault. I just need someone to talk to. And I can’t put that all on them. The kids also need someone to talk to other than me. Especially because most of the problems or annoyances they have in their life are currently because of me or their sibling. So today I got a call back from a clinic and made a few arrangements to talk and do some trail phone calls with counsellors for both the kids and I to find a good fit for us individually. I think it’s a healthy step forward.

After 3 pest control calls last night I also found an adorable old man who came and set rat traps for me. He thinks judging with all his years of experience, that there is only one rat so far (thank goodness) and we should be able to catch it even today, tomorrow at the latest. He was such a nice old guy commenting on how nice my home was etc. I’m just happy I was able to get someone out here to help me with my issue and not have to hopefully think about it much anymore. He’s like as soon as you hear the trap just give me a call I live 5 minutes away and I’ll come take care of it for you.

Things are much better today compared to yesterday let’s just say that.

-Good Day/Greg Street-

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