‘Cause If You Like The Way You Look That Much Oh Baby, You Should Go And Love Yourself

So, I’ve downloaded a new dating app. 🤦🏻‍♀️.

But each new picture that come up I’m looking at and asking myself would I want this guys dick inside me? And it’s become an automatic swipe no. So it’s really just become a thing to do to pass time and not really anything I expect to get a relationship out of. Because when I get down to it…. I don’t think I want anymore dick in me. Excuse me for being so frank and honest but I’ve come to the realization that dick, while in the act of sex can be fun, leads to great disappointment down the road. Guys in my life have been a reeeeeeeeal let down. So yes, every once in a while I like to see what’s out there, but when I’m truly honest with myself, I never see myself having a relationship with any of them because they are all disappointing jerks. They come and go and aren’t fulfilling in the least bit. Sure I enjoy dick, but I can also get that same feeling out of something purchases at a sex shop without any of the heart ache or threat of ‘leaving’ so yeah I downloaded an app to see what’s out there and the answer is nothing. Absolutely nothing but cocky guys who would probably bring disappointment and hurt when they left in the end. So I think at this point I’m going to save myself that pain and just love myself.

Work on myself and heal myself and not induce any unnecessary pain in the meantime.

Seems like the logical thing to do to me.

Unless someone on the app deposits a million bucks in me account. Then I’d reconsider 😎

-Love Yourself/Justin Beiber-

8 thoughts on “‘Cause If You Like The Way You Look That Much Oh Baby, You Should Go And Love Yourself

      1. Yeah. I also think a lot of guys want what they want because society says it’s acceptable or pretty on social media. Fuck dat shit.


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