I Remembered You Was Conflicted Misusing Your Influence Sometimes I Did The Same Abusing My Power Full Of Resentment


I have been taking a while to gather my thoughts regarding this shit show of a world we’re living in. Each time I think I have composed something to write about, and have my mind wrapped around the situation, I decide my thoughts are not relevant enough. And that still hold true today in the here and now. But the fact of the matter is, my thoughts will never be the most relevant and reliable ones. But that’s not why I started this blog. I started this blog to get my story out there. A place to basically share my mind and story and thoughts, however random and crazy and misplaced they may be. Since I don’t have a significant other who I chill with and talk to, or a strong group of friends to bounce ideas off of, I need this place to come and vent my ridiculous thoughts. So here they are. Stupid and crazy and all. Because I just need them out of my head.

So all the protests around the world. In general, the idea of change in the justice system I agree with. If you consider it, these systems are archaic at best and have been in place since inception with little to no change having been implemented in current years. However, how people except change to come? While fighting the current situation, and the people who have been in charge this whole time?

I think it could be done in a much more sensational way. Why expect a broken system to change? If the current system felt they needed to change in any way, they would have done it…. long ago. But no, they are complacent and settled in their brokenness. However, now there are more than enough people who are agreeable to the new changes being proposed that I suggest the people who want the changes, just implement the new structure and suggestions that they are making for themselves, instead of suggesting the old society change.

In loose terms, instead of spending all day everyday at the protest or rally’s, instead, gather at meeting places and work together to form your own new governing body/ system. Implement your own system of policing and protection for the people who subscribe to the changes. If you own a business, and want to rebel, don’t pay into government taxes, but instead pay the new implemented systems and support them. Like tbh I think the government is laughing at these protests because it gives them excuses to arrest individuals and then we the people are paying bail which just goes into their pockets to supply them with what they need to fight us at the protests. It’s a lose lose situation, because in the end, they still make the decision. They maintain control while we line their pockets.

We can’t fight them in a situation wherein they still decide how we fight. If you want to win, you really need to change the game. Take them out the context they are used to and therefore remove the control from them, and hit it where it hurts, which is money. Get organized and get together. Plan it for months out. So it is a unified front and a hard hit. So they see that it is not a pocket of difference here or there, but straight across the country, a solid unit of change.

One day, no more protests. One day, no more money coming in for good. Shock them.

Change the game, and take control.

Put a few leaders in control and trust those leaders. Tell everyone who you know will join and don’t tell anyone you think for a moment will waver. Don’t post it on social media where they monitor. Don’t play into the petty arguments here or there. Focus on what needs to be done. Be a revolutionary front. Be the change, not ask the people currently in charge to make the change for you.

Because if they wanted to do it, it would have been done. This is something you have to do yourself.

And know that there are white allies out there who will stand with you. And want this change to. Wherever you decide to lead it. We just know it needs to be taken out of the hands of those currently in charge and in a dramatic and fantastic way.

These are my controversial thoughts. Now out in the open. Do with them what you will.

-Alright/Kendrick Lamar-

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