It’s Gettin’ Hot In Herre, So Take Off All Your Clothes I Am, Gettin’ So Hot, I Wanna Take My Clothes Off

It has been a stressful few weeks here for me in my house.

Last summer I lent my car to my sister for a minute while she was her to drive to my grandpas. Fine whatever. But she brought it back with the air conditioner broken. So I left it as is, since it was near the end of the summer and I’d just go without for the time being.

Well now my ac in the house has broken down completely as well as about 16 other things that obviously had to go at once and I’m beyond frustrated. I have a whopping $41 in my bank account and a credit card with over $14,500 on it currently. I have a new air conditioner (and furnace) coming to be installed over the next few days after weeks here sweltering in the Okanagan in the heat, since the furnace was conveniently busted as well, which is putting me another $11,000 in debt. And I am just hot. And angry.

And I want to take nice long refreshing showers to cool off, but I can’t even do that in my own bathroom because one of my taps is broken. Kinda. It was broken, and so I, in an attempt to save money set off to Home Depot to buy the parts to fix it myself, because I’m a strong independent woman who don’t need no man to do anything for me. And technically that was right. I found the right faucet nozzle thingys (I’ll admit I don’t know what they’re called) and took them home and replaced the handles that weren’t turning in my shower, but now, the hot water drips out like one drip at a time, and won’t turn any further than that. I’m just to hot and sweaty and discouraged to bother trying to fix it again because I read and reread the instructions twice and it’s just not working. So I’ve been showering in the kids bathroom for the past couple weeks which is just not the same.

Everything is muggy and gross and I don’t feel like cooking anything for supper since it’s 91 degrees in my house but can’t justify ordering anything to eat, and all around….. I’m just having a bad day.

And to add insult to injury, I’ve been trying to get in touch with E asking him to send some child support payments because it’s been close to a years since he sent money for the kids now, and he’s just coming up with excuse after excuse. I know he’s getting money. I see him out there collecting his money from EI, and AISH etc but he’s not sending a dime to his two kids. I’ll be honest though he did send them both a card on their birthday so he stays in their good book, but no money. Just a card. Like E, that card isn’t going to feed them, or buy them clothes, or put gas in the car buddy.

Just, one thing after the other. One hot sweaty thing after the other.

-Hot In Here/Nelly-

Just realized I wrote and posted this without actually getting to the point I was gonna make but I’m just to hot to redo it and talk about what I wanted to say. So it is what it is, just like me. A hot sweaty wasted mess.

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