The Very Rarest Example Of Duality Two Minds Apart With Individuality But Never To Be Apart

Twin flames

Soul mates

All those ‘infinite’ connections are something I wouldn’t wish on someone. All it does is draw you in, and push you out.

The main thing I’ve come to understand on this section of my life since that one dream that started this all. The one where it wasn’t even a dream but I was floating out of my body in the nothingness with K and we had a beautiful conversation about our future and I was first introduced to ideas like twin flame etc, is that if you find your ‘mate’, you can’t actually be with them. Because the more the both of you understand your connection, the more you come to understand that all the energies in your two perceptions are split evenly 50:50.

So if you end up coming together… there is nothing left. In order for the two of you to peacefully come together, the rest of your perception and reality must have been resolved first. If you two as twin flames, started from somewhere, then both set off on your separate ways, leaving a path of creation behind you, then in order to successfully return to one another, you must uncreate everything you both made since you left each other long ago.

This is obviously only achievable if both parties are at a please of understanding and willingness, which unfortunately is impossible. When you both set off, one had to make the first move, and then the other. Which means now and forever, thus infinitely, you will be one step off. Sure you will feel the pull and the desires and the deeper energies with that individual, but unfortunately, the closest you can get is more frustration and pain as you draw closer and then dance around as fear enters. Or they take a step closer and somehow, because of that one step, it pushes you away.

There is, and will always be an unbalanced nature between the two of you. In as much as you know the two of you may be, or are connected. Because of the clues you leave each other. The connections you experience at night while in bed. The moments you hold each other from miles away. The times you see them when they aren’t in the room. The times your perception splits open and they are standing there… it’s only served to make it more difficult, because of the original separation.

Maybe that original separation was the most beautiful thing and was required in order to create one another. Without separation, we would still be one and the same, and what joy does that bring? To be alone in the world? So we separated to allow ourselves to become independent individuals in order to come back to each other with new experiences and stories and adventures to share. Never once did we consider that coming back together, back to ourselves, would be such a struggle.

One that maybe we’ve given up on eons ago. But our innate being would have us constantly trying to find our source. Which because of our initial choice of love, has become seemingly impossible.

So the burden of ‘finding’ your twin flame. Your soul mate. Your self basically. Leads to a major blame game. A push and pull of energy. A who’s who of such. Who was first. Who left who. Forgiveness. Healing of energy. But then, you meet at the 50:50 way. And it’s over. And you realize someone has to leave again to start life again. To start the pain again. So is it worth it? Forgiving, exploring your pain only to heal and be hurt again? To exchange this pain for that healing to start the infinite ♾ cycle again? What’s worse is that it’s not only energy that seems to be split, but knowledge and feeling as well.

And never ending? No thanks. I’m more of a problem solver, and if I’ve opened up and seen the end and beginning loop? And seen in reality and nothingness that there is no possibility of anything different? It seems hopeless and pointless now to me. But then again, maybe it’s just my turn to feel that.

-Broken Hope/Loathing-

11 thoughts on “The Very Rarest Example Of Duality Two Minds Apart With Individuality But Never To Be Apart

  1. Agreed. I told a friend once that I’ve given up looking. He said, good! that’s when you’ll find her. I said (kindly), you’re missing the point. If people run across someone who can mutually fill in a space, wonderful! We don’t need the pressure of what it’s meant by the term “soul mate.” No matter what happens, I’ll cherish and keep in my catalog those moments with past lovers that will always be special.


    1. I wasn’t even looking. I just met a fantastic guy. A few months later had this dream. It’s as if our souls planned it from before. Now it’s the most difficult love/hate relationship ever.


      1. I’m no expert. Who is? My perfect relationship ended with a sudden “bye.” But work wasn’t put into salvaging it. I used to wonder if it would have helped. Guess I won’t know. Too many unanswered questions. But that’s life, unless you take action.


        1. The point here is, there is no relationship to salvage. When I’m walking away, he’s turning towards. When I’m facing him trying to help, he’s hating me with a passion. We are always that one step off. Forever switching between him and I feeling the energy of love and passion/hate and ready to leave forever. And never at the same time.


          1. I have no understanding of passion and emotion. I wish I could come up with good ideas. But as you can see, I can’t. This scenario sounds familiar to me too. I miss her and wish there was something I could do. But we were wildly out of sync. Still, we held together for quite a stretch, because when it worked, it was like nothing I’d ever experienced. If anything, this world turns too fast. I wish I could just stop for two minutes to figure it out.


        2. But so close that we ALMOST… almost understand… just enough that the pain, when it’s dealt our way it’s…. it’s almost pleasure. And so we come back. And we return it the other way. Never wanting this to end because it’s the only interaction we have with that ie person who understands us the most, both in hate and in love.


          1. To me , this is a beautifully tragic story. And I mean no disrespect. I sense what you’re experiencing. The more I read, the more I understand. To me, it still sounds incomplete. I respect your pain.


          2. Everything is incomplete, yet already spoken for. Started and finished before we even began, thus the whole idea of infinite being. One of is is either one step in front or behind the other on our journey. But never the two shall meet.


          3. … unless there is a shift. But life goes on. For me, not only do I not understand what forever means, or how it would be done. How does one trust in such a concept when individuals can’t even commit to themselves? I don’t think there is forever for most of us. There are plenty, still, who manage the years. How to tell? When you see an old couple, there’s no way of knowing if they’ve been together fifty years or five weeks. For me, the chemistry was wonderful, like you, the timing was off. I think we both tended to overreact. So I’d bring flowers when she was walking away. Then she would take a bit of time to think about it. It was just enough time to lose faith. She would return to my doubts. Then I’d realize how screwed up I was. But by that time, she’d be on her way out again. Maybe it was mostly my fault. Yeah, I think that’s right. I thought about going back. But what’s the use? It wouldn’t be fair to her. In the end, we were used to being independent. I don’t even know how something like that would work. Yes. I had dreams, too. But were my dreams rooted in reality? Maybe they were based on past experience, inadvertently projecting some perfect scenario of some elements that happened to work in previous relationships. I think now, that my dreams were out of alignment. Coming into a relationship, I should cut the preconceptions and just see how it plays to find out what I like and what I don’t like. And then talk about it… if I ever get another chance.


  2. My only example ( wich I think is the only on earth….) is my parents, you couldn´t find two people more opposite than those two, yet they are still married after one thousand years or so.


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