Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely Is This The Feeling I Need To Walk With?

So I’ve been living here in Kelowna for 7 months. Plenty of time to get nice and settled and make  massive amounts of new friends and join plenty of clubs, classes,  activities what have you.

As much as I feel at home in my house, and actually enjoy the town as a whole, basically because of the views, I’m not really thrilled with the choice I made to move, since it’s been leading me to some weird… stuff.

It’s a catch 22 at the moment. My kids are overall so much happier, and because of that, I am confident that I made the right decision in relocating. Their school is superb and they have made good friends. The daycare is crap, but there really aren’t too many other options for someone in my position to change that right now so it will have to do. I find the school incorporates so many more activities into the children’s day which is something I just don’t have the energy to do. They’ve had people in to teach them about inline skating, parkour, indigenous people, petting zoo tours, gone ice skating, hiking in the mountains, tobogganing, and have swimming planned for the upcoming weeks. That’s for both Little E and Z’s classes, getting to do all those things within the last few months of school. I feel like it helps lift the burden off of me feeling like I need to get out often with the kids to give them those experiences when they are having them at school and enjoying them with friends.

My family here in town has been good too. We’ve gotten together a few times for dinner or going out for walks and visits. My uncle even took the kids for supper last Saturday then to an arcade just to give me a break for a few hours.

It was weird. I didn’t know what to do with myself while they were gone since to be honest normally I would go to sleep but I had to stay up wait for them to get dropped off back home. So of course all I could do was think about how lame my life had become when it’s completely obsessed with taking care of my children. So here I am. Home alone at night for the first time since we moved here 7 months ago, and I had nothing to do. It was pathetic.

I had no friends to call.

No hobbies to turn to.

Nothing off the top of my head that would be fun for me to do.

So I made myself supper and then spent close to an hour trying to find something to watch on prime video since I had recently cancelled Netflix to save money. Then once I finally decided on a show, ended up just scrolling through Instagram while the show played until the kids came home around 9.

It was the most pathetic night off ever. Don’t worry you can judge me, I know it was bad.

And all the thoughts I was trying to avoid all night was how lame and lazy it was. How lame I was. How I’d been living here 7 months and hadn’t made any friends that I could call and chat with. How I’d been here this long and I am still so alone. Which of course moved into how I should stop having conversations with myself because I refuse to think I’m crazy. Since my kids already have one parent with mental health issues, they don’t need a second locked up in the psych ward. So keep it together C. Don’t become like E.

But to be honest…

How does a person know if they are not crazy? (This is where my alone thoughts take me lately… this and where did the universe start, which isn’t any more helpful) Sure I function in my day-to-day life perfectly fine. I get my kids up and out the door to school on time. I perform all my duties at work without any issue. I’m 100% aware of what’s going on around me…. I think. But that’s the issue. What if I’m missing out on something, and I’m not aware of it. How would I know?

I think about that a lot. Do people with mental health issues know they have them? Or to put it simply and very politically incorrectly, do crazy people know they are crazy?

Especially someone in my position. I don’t have any friends to talk to, or to tell me I”m acting differently lately, so how would I know?

Because to be frank, I feel crazy sometimes. I feel like there is stuff going on in my mind that I cannot stop or understand or explain, and that I did not put there. But how do I know if that’s normal or not normal? How can I explain if this is how it’s supposed to be, and something everyone is probably experiencing, or if I’m the one-off? Because some of the thoughts are so far out there, it’s not something you can bring up in casual conversation with someone new you meet at the coffee shop (not that that ever happens anyways). But I want to have deep conversation about deep things that I have going through my mind and thoughts, but to be honest, I’m worried and scared that if I shared them with your average joe, they’d give me the side eye and maybe call me in to have a welfare check done on my kids. I’d never harm my kids. Trust me. I’m doing everything I can to be the best mother I can. But it’s something deeper and more powerful than that that I’m trying to overcome and I don’t know how. I don’t think anyone knows how. SO who is there to talk to if it’s an issue no one has dealt with before?

Yes it’s most likely all the spare time that is leading me to this pattern of thought, but is it  good or bad? Am I discovering something that’s never been discovered before? Or am I going crazy and I just have no one around to tell me.

I guess no one will know. Since its indescribable. And if I can’t describe my problem, no one can understand it, let alone solve it. Not even me.

You see my problem.

Definitely too much alone time to come up with this problem in the first place.

But it makes you think.

-Backstreet Boys / Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely-

8 thoughts on “Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely Is This The Feeling I Need To Walk With?

      1. I had these kind of dark thoughts all the time when I run alone at night, especially on the really long ones. It brings to mind the Green Day song Boulevard of Broken Dreams. It is quite true for me case when everyone sleeps and I was still out there running and feeling sorry for myself while singing, that only my shadow walks beside me (and scared me to death one time when I thought it was a ghost chasing me). True story!


        1. Yep. Our thoughts can truly be the scariest place in the universe. When you think about it, it may be where everything scary in the universe comes from, so our thoughts have created some messed up things to be honest. Now it’s just about keeping in control of where we lead our thoughts and emotions for the remaining duration of our life after the realization of that fact. That everything we perceive has in fact been created by a thought of something/some force at some point. So how powerful are your individual thoughts? Deep.


  1. Once you get to be a certain age (and I am there) it is so much harder to get together with friends. Between work and life and kids and sports and the list goes on and on. To be honest despite the fact that 3 of my closest friends are super close and I work with one….we don’t get together. Or at least not often. But we message daily. Sorry my point being alone time is good time. Yes hard at first but your friends do not have to be near you to hang out. I am sorry I am babbling (Manitobian=friendly and chatty)


    1. Glad to hear you have friends you speak with daily. And hard at first is a long shot for me. I’ve been on this alone journey basically since my divorce started 5 years ago but it really hit home when we moved last summer.


      1. I understand. I have to be honest it took a bout of depression for me to realize no matter where they are my girlfriends are my lifeline. I hope you are able to find a circle for yourself. Near or far. 😊


  2. Wow, it sounds like we moved at exactly the same time.
    I have to say, that sounds like a great “night off” not lame. And I am pretty sure you posting and sharing on here the way you do is therapy and plus crazy people never ask anyone if they’re crazy, trust me, I know. Especially b/c my past is dark, crazy and I never knew.
    Of course isolation isn’t good but your whole focus is your kids and there is nothing wrong there either. I am betting it will come together in time and you will have too many choices of people to call and if not, pick one of your readers and we can tell you if we think you’re crazy.

    Kidding. 🙂
    Great post.


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