Lately, I’ve Been, I’ve Been Thinking I Want You To Be Happier

Yesterday I got my head outta the clouds and took my kids out. We went to Toys’R’Us and after browsing around for a good hour, they each got to pick out a toy. I figured this was the best way to treat myself for my birthday and get over the birthday blues, would be to buy them something, which in turn would give me a hypothetical few hours to myself during the day.

Little E chose a new LEGO set and Z picked out a toy phone with a pair of keys to put in her purse, which she had brought with us. Then in the parking lot we saw the local hockey team was doing a fundraiser so Little E got to play some street hockey for a bit and Z got her facepainted, and they both ended the adventure with some cake. Fitting since I didn’t get myself any cake the day before.

Anyways the kids had fun with their toys yesterday. Little E was even up early this morning so he could finish off his LEGO set. Something I told him to please not do again, because he woke up everyone in the house early and he has all the time in the world after school instead. So now I’m anticipating a grumpy boy to deal with when I pick them up from day care today.

Other than that, nothing new.

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes.

Here’s to starting out my thirty second year of life.

Hoping it’s better than all my others.

-Marshmello and Bastille/Happier-

10 thoughts on “Lately, I’ve Been, I’ve Been Thinking I Want You To Be Happier

  1. You lost me at Toys”R”Us…I wanted to read the whole post 😉 but got distracted and found out there are still some open! Wow! I thought they were gone forever. Anyway, I came back and read the rest. Cheers to another year! 🍺

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  2. Bless you, you share your birthday, your actual birthday with the beloved Collette O’Neil from Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland. Sharing seems to be a theme, as you also share your birthday with us, as Collette also did on YouTube. Both of you have such generous hearts. Thank you
    This is Collette’s video of her birthday morning:


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