So Please Help Them With Your Youth, They Seek The Truth Before They Can Die.

So it’s here.

That’s time of the day when the kids have gone to sleep and the lunches are packed and the house is clean because I spent all day vacuuming (I even did between/under the couch cushions) and mopping and scrubbing. All three loads of laundry are clean and folded and even put away. The dishes are washed and drying. We even went for groceries that are now all put away nicely. The kids are sleeping on freshly washed bedding with freshly washed bodies and freshly brushed teeth.

And then it hits me. In the silence as I stand in my bedroom. The thing I’ve been avoiding for forever.

There’s nothing left to do.

There’s nothing left to try and preoccupy my mind and keep it busy to pretend like I’m not constantly thinking about what I’m unfortunately thinking about.

The emptiness is literally all around and I’m engulfed in silence.

I never thought my life would get to this point. To this completely and utterly alone point. Where there’s nothing left to distract me. There’s no way to even pretend I’m in the most lonely place in the world.

I’m in my mind. Alone.

And I hate it.

It happens every night even I get undressed and ready for bed alone. When the house is in total silence except for the few familiar sounds I make. But that’s it. There’s no music blaring in fear of waking the kids. I don’t sit in the living room and watch tv because that seems like a couples thing. I put the kids to bed, clean up, and then I go to my room. I own this whole house, but I find myself stretched out on my bed, even now, writing this post from my phone. Sure the office is a few rooms away with a fully functional computer and a nice chair etc, but it feels uncomfortable. Not in the soft squishy sense. But uncomfortable in the fact that it’s not what I’m used to.

I’m a creature of habit. And my habit is to be safe, and warm. Not venture out in the dark alone. So when my kids are asleep… I’m here. On my bed. Endlessly scrolling instagram hopefully for its stupid entertainment. Listening to music, needing it to fill my void. Watching pointless things on Netflix.

But its in that moment before I get ‘settled’ on the bed, that the hopelessness finds me. Each night getting worse. The feeling or ‘why even bother’ ‘how pathetic can I get’ ‘look at how sad your life is’ ‘your not going anywhere C’ ‘this is your story’ ‘no ones going to even remember who you were… and rightfully so’ …. that I just hate myself.

I wish a million times over that I could’ve done so many thing differently to have never ended up where I am. I think of what could’ve been had I not have done this or that. Or instead pursued this opportunity or that option when it was offered. But instead… I stayed in my confining comfort zone. And I’m left with this.

This ‘life’ that is nothing of a life at all. Its a routine that I have to complete everyday and nothing more. It’s a struggle and a burdensome weight that I carry only with the hope that my kids will maybe possibly discover something more fulfilling than I have. But then I realize I’m doing nothing to help foster any dreams they may have.

I stifle any individuality they may show by my strict rules and discipline all in an attempt to keep my routine as easy as possible for myself. I don’t allow them freedom to express or explore… ever basically. I have no extra funds to encourage trying new extra curricular activities. Instead I’ve come to the understanding just now while writing this, that my entire reasoning is counterproductive. I want the best for them but provide none of the opportunities to achieve that. I’m to exhausted by the end of my day to even play a god damn board game with them.

So I shovel them off to bed to rest myself, and then hate being alone.

You know what? I just don’t even have a decent enough train of thought to reason this one out. Facts seem pretty clear: I’m a ridiculous mom.

I say I want to be a good mom. And on the surface I invest a lot of time and energy into the things that would paint that picture. But when it comes down to it, my kids are getting a pretty shitty end of that stick.

I guess this is what I get for thinking to much in bed at night.

A shitty stick 😕

-Crosby, Stills & Nash/Teach Your Children-

14 thoughts on “So Please Help Them With Your Youth, They Seek The Truth Before They Can Die.

  1. Mums get tired! We all overthink at times. I think sometimes that the Storyteller in our head gets the better of us! Sometimes we fall down, only to rise later stronger than before. I am sure your words resonate with many Mums out there…


      1. “I’m a creature of habit. And my habit is to be safe, and warm. Not venture out in the dark alone. ”

        There are certain things or thoughts that accentuate the feeling of safety for me. One of them is the interior window: looking out one window and into another window of the same building; or pretending to be in a sleeper train stopped half in and half out of a tunnel; or watching an advancing front on the weather channel in your warm and dry room; or thinking about how the east coast of Panama is on the Pacific and the west coast is on the Atlantic. Somehow all these diverse experiences or thoughts help to wrap us up in safer layers of interiority.

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        1. Everyone has their own layers in life that they put up for their own comfort. Whatever makes you ‘feel’ safe is normally where you will invest most of your time/thought/energy. I’m just regretting that I’ve passed my ideas of comfort onto my kids, instead of allowing them the freedom to discover their own.
          Because that… is out of my comfort zone.


  2. I didn’t want to like this post bc you seem so sad and I didn’t want to like that you’re sad.
    I don’t know you but I like what you write bc it is so authentic and I related to this post so much. I too, am so very much into routine and keeping things so simple. I am not alone but that doesn’t stop my mind making me feel as if I’m going crazy at times. This particular time in life is one of those seasons.
    I don’t know what your beliefs are but I came to a point where life had to have meaning and there had to be more than “this” hell hole. My relationship with God is the only thing that keeps me going. It is the only thing that keeps the hopelessness from swallowing me alive or the depression from making me want to drown myself.
    I hope you too, can find some peace.
    Also, I bet you’re a fabulous mother. You love your kids and not everyone has that.


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