I Am Driven By Hunger, So Saddened To Be Thieving In Darkness; I Know You’re Not Pleased But Nothing Worth Eating Is Free

I hate BC.

I sent my kids to play outside today, because the weather was nice, yes. But thirty seconds later Z came inside to say there was a dead rat in the yard.


I was like are you sure? You didn’t touch it, did you? Don’t touch it! What did you say it was? Are you sure? So she repeats herself, saying quite clearly, that there was a dead rat in the yard. So I’m hoping with everything inside me that she’s mistaking a pile of leaves or something for a dead animal, but I know my mind won’t be set at ease until I go out to take a look. So I very slowly, carefully and full of hesitation head outside to investigate these absurd allegations.

Well unfortunately, they turned out to be very true. No false media here. A very dead rat with a very ugly long tail with very real wasps buzzing around it. So now I find myself Googling if rat’s eat their dead. Mainly because I don’t want to have to clean it up, or deal with it in any way, so I’m hoping nature will just do it’s thing and a bird will come eat it or something. But I’m concerned if I don’t deal with it, then it might attract other rats… Not ideal in any fashion.

So after a little bit of research, basically I’m left with conflicting information as well as the hilarious irony that I’m schooling you guys on rats lol. So for the most part after my quick search, I’ve learned that if the rat is already dead, it’s family members might eat it in order to clean up the body and prevent other predators from being attracted to the area. So basically it’s done for their own survival. What I’m unclear on though, is how far they will go to protect themselves. Will they search out the body, Ratatouille style, until they know what happened to it? Like should I leave it alone out in the yard, where I’ve left it for now, let them do their thing, so as to not begin a mass rat hunt that may lead them into my house in search of their missing link? Or should I clean it up (vomit in my mouth) to avoid potentially drawing more rats to the area anyways?

I honestly see this as a lose/lose situation, because everyone knows where there’s one there’s more. I’m just trying to proceed as best as possible to ensure that the “more” don’t end up in my house.

So any advice is more than welcome!

And no. Putting my house up for sale is not an option. Unfortunately.

-Camille/Le Festin (Ratatuille Theme song)

19 thoughts on “I Am Driven By Hunger, So Saddened To Be Thieving In Darkness; I Know You’re Not Pleased But Nothing Worth Eating Is Free

  1. It might be an escaped pet? You can sprinkle lime on it, which will take care of the stench. It’s not a good thing for skin contact. Throw some dirt over it and maybe some rocks? Your hardware store might have better suggestions.

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  2. Although it might be disgusting, I honestly think you should clean it up (with disposable gloves and disinfectant as aids) because like you said, there could be more. Plus, it would decay and become breeding ground for bacteria, flies and other unwanted organisms and that would be unhealthy for your kids.


    1. ***UPDATE*** So I’ve thrown a huge pile of dirt over it and a couple left over stepping stones I had in the shed lol. Best of both worlds. In hind sight I should’ve closed my eyes and said a few words for the deceased… something along the lines of “Good riddance. Gone and hopefully soon forgotten.” Maybe mark the site with a wreath of dandelions or something…. 😏.


    1. Not helpful. But I came from a province that literally had rat patrol. My province and the two poles (north and south) are pretty much the only places in the world you won’t find rats. You weren’t aloud to own a pet rat or transport a live one into the province. So I was super comfortable living there. Where I’ve moved, no such policy, as with the rest of the world lol.

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