It All Just Goes To Show How Nothing I Know Changes Me At All Again I Wait For This To Change Instead

So I went for my appointment today to see if I could get any help for my financial situation.

I really don’ know what I was expecting to be honest, but in the end it was a let down. I mean what did I think was going to happen? $100,000.00 cash in hand and away I went debt/loan free? Well I can assure you that is most definitely not how it went down.

I showed up and filled out a few forms and then started my “interview.” The first question she asked me was the one I knew would get me shut down, Oh wait, the second one. First, was do I have my own transportation, which yes I do, and that didn’t help matters when I moved here and had to invest over $4,000 grand into my “own transportation” to get it BC road worthy and insured. Anyways, moving on to the question I was dreading was do I have a job, and how much do I make. So I had to spill the beans and explain the awkwardness of the fact that, yes, I do have a job. A well paying job. Which is mainly why I’m in this situation in the first place.

My “well paying job” relocated this summer and basically fucked me over royally financially.  I lost thousands of dollars and all my savings selling my house and paying out the mortgage plus purchasing here. I racked up major debt because of the relocation and getting settled, and now I have zero dollars to my name except a maxed out credit card and debts of close to $15,000 to my parents, $6,000 to legal aid, an ever growing lawyers bill due to the ever growing number of hours E continues to demand on that front. Basically, I’m just trying to stay above board for a little bit until I can get my situation more settled.

So, because I’m not actually, technically poor on paper, all she was able to help me with was a list of places like the Salvation Army and the Food Bank, where I can go if I need…because as she kept repeating, the Food Bank can’t turn away anyone.

Not really as beneficial as I was hoping for… but not the end of the world I suppose.

I guess I’m just frustrated I haven’t won the lottery yet.

Don’t worry, I don’t spend what little money I have on the lottery lol.

-Blink 182/All Of This-

5 thoughts on “It All Just Goes To Show How Nothing I Know Changes Me At All Again I Wait For This To Change Instead

  1. I feel your frustration. There were two points in my life I have needed assistance. On the second occasion I was told they could not help me because I had money in a savings account. I had to be flat broke first. Meanwhile, I had just been laid off and only had enough to pay my living expenses for one month. I feel like you should be able to get help before you have nothing =/ Sending positive vibes your way!

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    1. I know hey?! It’s like they want you to be out on the streets before you can ask for help, but I’m trying to avoid that situation. I’m still paying my bills and everything like that is on the up and up, but there’s nothing left over for anything else, so I was just seeing what’s out there. Like are there programs my kids can join for free so were not the only ones who aren’t in soccer, or are there places they can get winter boots so that can release money for me to pay down my debt? I’m just trying to look at all my options before living on the streets/destroying my credit and quality of life becomes one of them.

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