You Are Now Watching The Throne, Don’t Let Me Into My Zone (I’m Definitely In My Zone)

And now for a break from our regular scheduled programming.

Everyone knows Jay Z and Beyonce just released a joint album Everything is Love. Hurray for them. Since then, all I see everywhere I look are people dissecting their lyrics. Well, I’m gonna take it a step further. Nope I haven’t even listened to the album. I don’t need to. Nope I’m not gonna talk in detail about their lyrics.

I’m gonna write my own ‘lyrics’ in response. Bare with me as I’m gonna write it on the spot (as I do all my writing).

Enjoy. And remember, music is about rhythm and flow. So feel this. If you can.

‘Cause trust me… everything is better when you feel the music.

You’ve been tryin’ to keep the world forever young

Pushin’ back heaven, well fuck your turn is done

I figured out the rhythm I made a better rhyme

So get your ass outta the spotlight y’all toppers did your time


You thought no one here would notice

You though no one here’d compete

I’m hear to tell you ign’rant bitches your turns over

You’ve done been beat

Thinkn’ ‘everything is love’ You messed up forgotta crucial part

That with ‘everything’ comes hate. Up here that’s real art


You got to greedy with your game

You got to needy with your fame

Thinkin all them else beneath you

Rentin’ out the Lourve n’ tryina put em all to shame


Heaven’s here, I took the time n mapped it out

I solved the problems while you just sat dumbfounded like a dolt

For sure it’s in the music it lives in harmony

but saying everything is love leaves out half eternity


Everything has an equal so how do we make it peaceful?

How do we end off infinity and not return for yet another sequel?

Without seeming deceitful, causing upheaval, make ’em come back for more evil?


Love’s other half as hate ain’t an easy pill to swallow

So I took it down in one shot, now you keep up your easy dolla’s

You keep up all your apeshit but me I’ll keep up on my great shit

Now for once for real, you’ve got nothing left to hide

Well except for the overwhelming unrequired insurmountable pride


So do it for the people, do it for the masses

Cause sooner than you think you’ll be lying in the ashes

You kept infinity away meanwhile loosed a damn pitiful assassin

Everything you’ve chanced together one by one I’ll see unfastened


I’ve seen you in the endlessness you know that shit is real,

All we needed was Becky with good hair to seal that shady deal,

I’m the voice inside your head when your focused on creatin’

How else in the UNIVERSE did you think you got past all your hatin’

You wanna know my name but you couldn’t figure to describe

So you dropp’d it at a loose excuse and left it for any to contrive

That’s why you’ll never know it given your pathetic shallow mind

I left you on the edge, wanting more now you’ll always wanna find



The greatest MC.

The new who you wanna be.

The always who you wanna see.

The perpetual who you can’t achieve.


In infinity I’m everything.

And everything is love.

But Hov….

facts are facts and those fact’s are good and known

That you and B won’t be the ones ushering in THE throne.

Time you got outta my zone.

-Jay-Z & Kanye West/Ni**as in Paris-




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