Act Like Everything Fine And If It Isn’t We Ain’t Letting Everybody In Our Family Business

I miss Z.

I have NEVER spent more than one night away from either of my kids since the day they were born until now. My mom took her on Friday to BC for the whole weekend and they are expected back later tonight. I didn’t think it would be a big deal, and was looking forward to the break, but found myself bored most of the time. Little E occupies himself by now for the most part so normally I find that I spend my time with Z, or at least spend my time trying to keep her busy. So with her gone, I had little to do!

I did have a seizure on Friday night, so Saturday was pretty much a wash for me. I made dinner for Little E and my dad and did some laundry (my bed sheets mainly). Then Sunday I took Little E to a new Dinosaur exhibit in town and we caught an IMAX as well which was fun and easy and took up the majority of the day, before we headed home to make some cookies.

But even Little E is asking to call Z all the time to see how she is. I asked him last night if he missed his sister a little and he said “not a little, I miss her a whole bunch!” It was adorable, and a little unbelievable considering how much they usually bicker lol. Either way, it was nice to just have some time to bond with him one on one. He’s growing into quite the young man.

Z on the other hand seems to be having a great time. They went out for dinner on Friday night and fishing on Saturday where they caught half a dozen fish on the lake. On Saturday night my mom had her sleep on the floor since the night before she was using my mom’s body as a pillow, and when I asked her how her sleep was she said “terrible” but in the most adorable way that made me want to squeeze her cheeks through the phone.

Needless to say, I’m so thankful for the time off, but excited to scoop her up in my hands and hold her close and hear all about her weekend in her own cute way.

Also, I’m mentally preparing myself for the sibling rivalry to start up again in full force. But everything in due time.

-Kanye West/Family Business-

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