We Need To Take It Back In Time When Music Made Us All Unite Money Can’t Buy Us Happiness Can We All Slow Down And Enjoy Right Now

Lately I’ve been wondering how people gather enough courage to run off and start a new life.

Legitimate question in my mind. I figure now would be as good a time if any to run away, and I’m just done with my life as is. So, that being said, how do people gather the strength to just leave everything and start fresh somewhere new.

My house has been sold and so I have to pack up and be out by April 10th anyways. I had to buy a new car on Friday (which is a whole other post), I’ve just become too frustrated with literally everything going on with attempting to purchase a new house in Kelowna, that I’m not even interested in moving anymore. I’ve made offers on three different houses that have been outbid and they ended up accepting CASH offers that went way over original asking price. So I honestly feel I didn’t even have a fighting chance. My boss is acting like I’m not trying, asking what I could’ve done differently, and what’s my plan “little missus” UMMM first off, don’t ever fucken call me little missus. Second, I know the fucken deadline, I know my damn budget and I realize we are supposed to be moving in 3 months. It’s not my fault I don’ walk around with $350,000+ CASH in my bank account so my offers have to have a “conditional to financing” in them…. like most normal peoples do. Agh, I’m just over it. Like I want to walk into work and quit. But now my house is sold, most my pocket cash went into buying a good car, so that it wouldn’t be an issue for years to come, and so I have to keep this job for now.

Of course there are so many other factors contributing to this thought train, but I’d honestly like to know, what kind of pre-planning goes into a situation like this? Where you feel like nothing is fucking worth it anymore/you’ve failed at it all, and a new start with 100% new people sounds delightful, but terrifying at the same time.

Pretty much the only thing stopping me at this point, and obviously the most important part,  is the fact that I obviously don’t know where I’d go, and therefore I don’t have a job. If I had a mobile source of income, some online business etc, I’d be out like there was no tomorrow, but since I have kids to support I can’t just be taking off with them with no plan on how I’d be buying groceries in a month, or their education etc.

But the idea of starting over. New. Clean. Mistake free.

Sounds delightful.

But for now, I’ll just have to suck it up, realize that I’ve fucked up, other people have fucked up, and money is far more important than it should be.

-Jessie J/ Price Tag-

5 thoughts on “We Need To Take It Back In Time When Music Made Us All Unite Money Can’t Buy Us Happiness Can We All Slow Down And Enjoy Right Now

  1. Sounds like things are tough right now! House hunting anywhere can be frustrating…Unless you happened to be buying during the last real estate crash (sadly that’s not when I bought). I a rental house and felt similar frustration. Even my realtor wanted to give up. I’d place bid after bid on properties only to be outbid. And then I found the perfect one. And that offer was accepted. I’m honestly glad I didn’t get some of those other places. Where I ended up buying is going to experience a lot of growth (🤞). Maybe you just haven’t found your perfect place!

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  2. Don’t lose hope. It is very difficult to start over again. I should know, I done it but for me it took a while to get to where I am today. I lived overseas for nine years and when my marriage fell apart, I ended up returning with my daughter. Let me tell you it was not easy. I had money, but no job and it was hard to get back into the job market again after being gone for long. Things just have a way of working out. Even though it took years for me, I’m sure it won’t take that long for you. Keep your head up!

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    1. I know how hard it is. This won’t be my first move and restart. I’m just saying I wish I had the courage to just leave…. and just drive and stop when I see a place I like, or head to the airport and pick whichever flight looks most appealing. And start that way.

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  3. Running away is overrated. Done it. My daughter and son did it, too. At first it feels powerful and I get that. But when the dust settles it still just you… And now you were in a place that you don’t recognize. I know some people have done it with great success. No, make that very few people have done it with great success.

    I’m sorry you’re struggling and I completely understand your frustration. Take it from an old lady who knows better…

    Find a way to live in your skin right where you are. Then, another place may open up for you and it will be right.


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