The Versatile Blogger Award


First off, I received this nomination a while ago from Wednesdays Child, and just haven’t gotten around to it. So dear Wednesday’s child, thank you for the nomination and sorry for the delay. I’ve received a few of these kind of “nominations” in the past and have just kind of ignored them, because one I’m a bitch and two I just had too much of my own story to get out, I felt it more of a priority. But this weekend I reached over 1000+ followers and I decided that as open and honest as my blog is, I will take this time to add “interesting” to the mix… you know, be versatile 😉

I checked back a few blogs from my own nomination to see where this started as well as to get a sense of what to do, and I was left honoured and humbled to see how many people across the globe that were already out there reading my blog. I never thought my life would be so attractive to this many individuals. But thank you. So:

The rules for accepting this award are simple:

  • Write 7 interesting facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15+ amazing bloggers for this award

Pretty simple hey? Just you wait.

Interesting Facts:

  1. I have no clue how I”m going to figure out which 15 people to nominate. Not because I don’t think there are more than 15 amazing bloggers out there that I would love to hear more about, but because I only truly follow like one blog. The rest of the time, I just look up key words in the reader tab, and read whatever seems good to me at the time, or that my heart is longing for. I do check in with some of the blogs I follow maybe every 2 weeks or so, but I just don’t currently have the time in my life to read all the amazing content you all produce… all the time, so I just skim. Sorry. Again like I said, I’m a bitch.
  2. I’m currently writing my first book/novel whatever you want to call it. I’ve obviously never done this before, and I know my writing skills leave much to be desired, but I have an amazing story to tell, and I want to get it out there. It’s not my life story that you’ve read here already, but I promise it’ll be equally as fascinating lol.
  3. I want to have another baby. I know that doesn’t seem very interesting because I’m a female in her thirties, most of us probably want babies. But for me, I thought since my divorce, I’d be done. I thought I would be okay with just my two kids. One boy, one girl, perfect right? But this past little while I have had a huge desire to have another kid. The interesting part comes from the fact I have no source of sperm at the moment. Not that a dad should just be a sperm donor (although for my oldest two he was/not really but you get my point) but I’m just saying…. that’s kinda a big part of making a baby and I’m missing it.
  4. I’m the most prim and proper girl you’ll meet right off the bat. I know all the proper protocols and manners. But give me maybe two-three weeks (yes it takes that long), and I’ll become comfortable enough around you to let my guard down a little more each time, so that you can see the more relaxed me. That version of C is super witty and quick with jokes and comebacks. She’s the girl people gather around at coffee breaks because I’m always cracking jokes, and sharing stories, but I also give great advice and have the ability to show empathy like nobodies business.
  5. I’m a bitch. I have unanswered calls and texts on my phone that initially I forgot about, or one of my kids was playing on my phone when it came in so I missed it. But then I don’t respond. Some times I intend to do it later, sometimes I just don’t feel like talking to that person, so I just leave it for that moment. But then the moment turns into days, and then sometimes weeks, and then it gets to the point where it would be awkward to respond and so I just don’t. So for some of my friends, or at least people who would have still been friends if I had cared more, they stopped trying. But to be honest, I’m ok with that. I recognize their valid frustrations and respect their move. But I also think a few opposing things. If they were true friends, they would still try, and if they were true friends I would have taken time to return the message right away. And if we were meant to be talking still, one of us would’ve just shown up at the others house, because we would’ve been missing each other so much. But I don’t miss them, and they probably have to many hurt feelings of being ‘shunned” to even start missing me. So what starts out as laziness, selfishness, just not wanting to get into a interaction with another human one night on the phone, results in me loosing connections. Have I learned my lesson? Well I know the cause of the problem, but I don’t know if that’s enough at this point to make me stop.
  6. I recently lost 50 lbs. I did it without surgery and I’m pretty proud. I’m not where I’d like to be yet, basically because I’m not sure where I want to be. I know that I was able to look in the mirror a few weeks ago and for the first time I loved what I saw. And I was in a swim suit! So even though I’ve made HUGE strides towards the best C, I feel that I’m not there yet. What I’m trying to be very careful in doing though, is make sure I’m getting to a place thatwant to be. Not getting a certain body image in my head because mainstream media says it’s the most beautiful, or because men like a certain thing, or because humanity says you should weight “this” much. I’m taking careful time and consideration into what I want. How I want this body to function. What do I need from my body, and therefore what will I give it in return. So, because of that, yes I’ve lost weight, and plan to lose more, but this has been so much more that “getting to a goal weight.” This is about getting to where my body works the best for me.
  7. I have had a love/hate relationship with my life. No, I’m not (currently) suicidal, but sometimes it can feel like everything is going so well, and you want to live forever until all of a sudden, something takes a turn for the worse in this journey and all of a sudden it’s a shit show. Because of this, I’ve started to really make a change in my thought process, by always choosing positive. I’ve had some solid proof in my life regarding things along the lines of manifestation and “thinking” things into being. So, as a result, I’ve not only changed the direction of my thoughts to try and remain positive, but also ‘decided” on somethings in my life. Once some things were decided on, I could move forward in my life with more ease. It’s like instead of stressing on things, or always circling around to those undecided thoughts in my head, if a decision had been made, I could just repeat the answer to myself a few times and move forward with other thoughts. It eased stress and lol, freed up time.

So, there you have it. 7 “interesting” things about me. I tried to keep it interesting, by thinking if I read these, would I actually think “Oh interesting/neat/cool/wow” in my head. If not…. no good lol. Now on to the stressful part.

Amazing bloggers that I nominate!:

  1. A Dating Dad
  2. Our Marriage and Domestic Discipline
  3. Divorcing A Narcissist
  4. Fever Inside The Storm
  5. Every Once In A While
  6. Curious Clitty
  7. Bronte Plant Whisperer
  8. Hitting 60
  9. The Struggles
  10. The Realm of Silveryew
  11. Free To Live
  12. 1kindness2day
  13. Blink
  14. Faded Jeans Living
  15. Make It Ultra


And that my readers, is my list. I didn’t check it twice cause I’m not Santa, but, have fun… Or ignore the nomination for days/weeks like me, until it becomes to awkward to do.


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