‘Cause People Got Me, Got Me Questioning Where’s The Love

This post is inspired by a blog I unfortunately didn’t read, but briefly glanced over the title a few days ago, and it’s stuck with me. The title read something along the lines of “I’m not a vacation destination for you” or something like that. At least that’s how I carried it with me. That line made such an impact in my head… mostly, because I have allowed so many people to make “stops” in my life, take what they need, and move on.

They come for a quick “visit” or “jaunt” if you will, without any regard for my feelings or emotions, and then continue on their merry way after they’ve taken what they need. Sometimes on their own, sometimes with a nudge from yours truly. But not of course before stopping in the souvenir shop of my heart and/or head and taking little pieces for themselves, with no regard for what’s left or what they replace in the gaping hole they’ve left.

So I’ll tell you what it’s been replaced with. Nothing. That’s why I have chunks from my emotional psyche missing. I went this morning to gather a little physical evidence of people who have come into my life for a while, taken what they needed, or could, and when they couldn’t take any more, I had to actually remove them.

number pic

This is just what would fit on one screen, of people I’ve had to block from my life, because they came in, and I felt used by them (for good reason… the feeling, not the using), so I separated myself from them to block the negative energy. I’m not going to sit around and allow individuals to take from me, without receiving anything in return.

Friendship, or any kind of relationship, should be a two-way street. Does this mean I have limited people I can rely on? Obviously. But I’d much rather have small numbers of dependable people who I know are there for me just as much as I’m there for them, than thousands or even hundreds of fake “friends” who are only there when they need something from you.

I feel like this has become a “trend” in the world lately. This is where abusive relationships come from. Where do people get off thinking it’s okay to use other HUMAN BEINGS for their own gain? Why don’t people understand that everyone has emotions. Everyone is capable of getting hurt. Why can’t individuals understand that we are dealing with other people who have real thoughts and feelings. Feelings that can be broken.

It’s not our right or place to damage anyone’s feelings/emotions/thoughts. Seriously! Who have people grown to think they are, that they have the right to walk into someone else’s life, and take what isn’t theirs by way of time, emotion and feelings, without regard to what effect it will have when they leave, or treat those situations insensitively.

I’m just sick and tired of society feeling like we aren’t responsible for each other. We are. We are responsible for every interaction we have with every other human ever. 

What right do you have to tell someone you don’t like some physical feature on their body, no matter what it is? None.

What good is it to put someone down? None. If that’s the only joy you get in this world, you need to do some inner soul searching.

How in the world does it help anyone to flaunt your wealth if you don’t plan on sharing? It doesn’t.

What good is it to walk around with a scowl on your face? Nada.

Every time we talk to, or look at, another person, we leave some sort of impact. I’m just suggesting we try and leave a more positive one. Quit stealing from their hypothetical souvenir shop.

Trust me, it’s draining.

-The Black Eyed Peas/Where Is The Love-

23 thoughts on “‘Cause People Got Me, Got Me Questioning Where’s The Love

    1. I haven’t had a chance to read your post yet, but I would recommend using “tag” on your posts. This will increase your views, since they are like hashtags, and can be found under options right before you post. Just tag anything relevant to your post or blog and it will then have that post show up on other bloggers “reader.” Hope that helps…. unless you already knew.

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      1. I really don’t think I quite understand what ‘tags’ are yet: I thought I did this but from your comment I missed the boat…I thought they key were words like ‘depression’ or ‘mental illness’? Oh, help…


        1. The thing about tags that makes them great is that you make them up yourself. Which means you can apply whichever ones you want to your posts and each post can be different. You make them up as you go. The internet is full of readers who will at some point probably relate to that tag you made up and search it. That’s the joy of millions of people reading…. everyone has similar issues at some point.

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  1. You sound like a younger version of myself. I have had that dreamed for love. Read about it in my book A Bird and the Dragon: Their Love Story: A Memoir. You can find it on Amazon.com. But that has to end too. What I have found is that live is really made up of moments of happiness most of which are self generated. Like life is more snap shots, single pictures rather than continuous video. Great blogs!


  2. A few thoughts came to mind while reading your post: “Share. Check. Trust. Share. Check. Trust.” “There are no victims, only volunteers.” “You will attract what you put out.” “Don’t jump in, if you don’t want to jump out.”

    I am pleased to say that after many years of some frustrating relationships, I have cleared the toxic ones from my life. They are virtually nonexistent. I have never had to block anyone from contacting me, because although I am a trusting and trustworthy person, I have learned to value myself and my time. I have a handful of real friends who are golden — not a sea of likes from people I don’t know and who don’t know me.

    I agree that our society is decaying. Life is a training ground. You know what you don’t like. Now, create what you do. As they say, “Let it begin with me.” All the best to you.

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    1. And to you! It took some time, and it was hard to know who would be a positive, or negative energy in my life from the start, but once I learned if their true intentions were negatively influenced, I made my choice to block that.

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