What’s Love Got To Do, Got To Do With It What’s Love But A Second Hand Emotion / Who Needs A Heart When A Heart Can Be Broken

So tomorrow is Valentines Day. And while I have no plans other than work (obviously) Z is over the moon excited, for reasons I’ve yet to figure out.

Last week I bought cheap valentines from the Dollar store for my kids to fill out with some chocolate hearts for Little E to give out to his class as well. We finally had a chance this weekend to fill out the cards and Z was thrilled! She just kept talking about how she was SOOOO excited to give the cards to her friends and to have so much fun. It was actually adorable. Little E on the other hand was more difficult to read.

For starters his teacher didn’t make up a list of names of the kids in his his class, because we all know what a stellar instructor/joy in general she is. So Little E is struggling to think of all the kids names. I told him don’t worry about it. There’s no way his teacher can fault him for not giving everyone a card if she didn’t provide a list. So I told him to just give a card to the kids he wanted to, or at least the ones he remembered. I know that’s probably not the best suggestion, but to be honest, now-a-days, kids will be getting so many valentines, I highly doubt if they notice that they don’t receive one from Little E. So he made a few cards for some kids at school and then even went ahead and made some for a couple of the kids at his daycare which I thought was cute.

I did push slightly, and ask him if there was anyone special he wanted to make a valentine for. You know. A certain someone? But nope. He didn’t budge. He said no. I’m literally at a loss.

When do little boys start liking little girls? I grew up with all girls. ALL GIRL ERRRRYTHAAANG. So I have no clue when to even start looking for certain signs. His dad is a dead end. My dad is just, well we don’t have chats like that. And now I’ve exhausted all my options. Other than to try my best to keep the lines of communication as open as possible between Little E and myself. But let’s be honest, how long is that going to last. He’s a guy. Who is going to want to talk about intimate guy stuff. Stuff I really don’t have much knowledge about. So I’m well aware I’m going to struggle/fail in that area of parenting. Thus another reason kids were meant to have 2 parents. So my question is what am I supposed to do for him, when he needs a MAN to talk to? I can’t fucken Google everything!

Z on the other hand, has been excited since Saturday about Valentines day. She insisted that she bring her cards to daycare yesterday just so that they were there and ready to go. She’s also been planning her outfit since last Friday, when she found out that the teachers wanted them to wear red or pink. So far she has it narrowed down to 2-3 choices but that could all change once we get home tonight and have to actually decide and lay it out. Oh to be a 4 year old girl again. Literally zero cares in the world.

As for me… I’m leaning on Little E’s side. I also feel like there’s nothing to be excited about. Of course I got my kids a little treat to show them I love them, but I know by now not to expect anything from anyone, and therefore it’s just another day.

Thrown in among the rest for me.

I am considering though, doing something a little more special for Z (and therefore little E by proxy), just because she is so excited about the “holiday.” So if you see an extra bouquet of flowers around our house, you can rest assured that I bought it for her, and I don’t have some secret admirer out there… not that that thought crossed your head anyways.

-Tina Turner/What’s Love Got To Do With It-

12 thoughts on “What’s Love Got To Do, Got To Do With It What’s Love But A Second Hand Emotion / Who Needs A Heart When A Heart Can Be Broken

  1. That’s wonderful. I remember valentines day in school. I had a crush on Meredith Canfield. A big one, yet, was too young to understand it and too immature to make the most of it. On your desire to hear your son’s intimate feelings. I’d recommend that you try and try now. It’s likely to get harder for him, though it could get easier. How about group therapy with other young people so it becomes cool to express his feelings in front of his peers. That way his father can have less influence on his psyche. That’s what I would do. Good luck!

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    1. It’s not that I don’t try, it’s that I honest to god think at this point he just prefers Pokemon. But I want to be somehow prepared for if/when he might have the tiniest inkling of a feeling for a girl. Because when I ask him he will in complete truth tell me no, he doesn’t “like” anyone, and I’m at least a good enough mom that I would be able to tell if he was hiding something.

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      1. Good then. Just get ready for when he’s a little older. It’s best to get him comfortable with being emotionally expressive with all matters his peers and elders asap. That’s gold advice. Take it or leave it.


  2. I had my first crush in preschool, strangely. But she was a tomboy and I think she was just my best friend. We would sit next to each other during show and tell 🙂 Then, normal little boy things happened and I thought girls were super gross the entirety of elementary school until fifth grade. Then I fell head over heels for a girl in my class and had some pretty major crushes from there on out. I think you are safe until middle-school age!

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    1. Phew, good to know. Speaking of tomboy, little E had such a touching thought about a girl in his class last night at dinner. He mentioned that she must not be excited about today because her dad was going to pick out her shirt and it would probably be pink! I thought it was adorable that he was thinking of her feelings.

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