I’m Tired Of Being What You Want Me To Be / I Don’t Know What You’re Expecting Of Me Put Under The Pressure Of Walking In Your Shoes

I finally sucked up my pride. In so many ways.

I lowered my housing standards and browsed manufactured houses in… you guessed it, trailer parks. Then I took it on step further and threw all caution to the wind, because I ended up calling my Grandpa all for selfish reasons of course, but it was an annoying phone call non-the-less.

It began when I found a place that I actually thought would be reasonable to live in for an AMAZING price. The only downside, is that I know the price is so good because it’s so fricking close to the high-way. Like the one major high-way that runs through the city. And when I say close, I mean highway here—~–house here. Nothing but a little hill between them.

Now I live close to a major road right now, and I’m fine with it. Albeit, it took me a little time to get used to it (since I moved from the suburbs with my parents and a remote village in Kenya, so traffic was rare), but right now my house faces a fairly busy side road, and across that is a little field with a few telephone/electrical wires/trees, then taa-daa the Trans-Canada highway. No houses blocking noise, no stores or schools. Nothing. Just my place, and a few bushes between me and every cross-country traveler. Oh wait, throw the train tracks in there too because I’m fancy like that. So to me, to be close to a main road… not that big of a deal. But to be fair, the place I’m considering is MUCH closer. But also MUCH cheaper.

So as I looked through photo’s, it made me consider all the things that this opportunity could possibly open up. The place is listed for less that $175,000.00, which means I could potentially get it for less, and save a bunch of cash. It only needs a few updates, and nothing that actually needs to be done, only things I would want just for aesthetic purposes, and even those might cost $5-10,000.00 if that. Like restaining kitchen cupboards, painting a bathroom etc, nothing major. My mortgage would be way cheaper, which means I would save tons every month, plus there are no condo/strata fees. Which means… my kids and I could have a better quality of life.

That cruise I wanted to go on? A total possibility. The new car I need, why not? My kids being able to go into more than one out of school activity at a time, have at ‘er. More money in my pocket every week opens up the door to so many opportunities. The place itself has everything we need. Need as in, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom, a nice kitchen, dining room, and living room. All arranged in a logical way, which is important to me. It comes with a large shed outside and a big backyard for the kids to at least have a good place to play. Does it have a basement? No. But when I sit down and think about it, I only ever go to my basement to do laundry since thats where the machines are, and the kids watch TV there. So with the TV in the living room, and the laundry room on the main floor, why would we need any more that what’s listed above.

I know that once we move, our lifestyle will change. I’m anticipating more time outside anyways. So I truly appreciate the large yard and a big deck too. As well as a massive shed, almost like a workshop, (not that I build things), for storing all our outdoor activity equipment, like bikes and kayaks and balls etc.

Anyway, I’ve realized, that since I’m doing this on my own, I have to make my own choices. And I know that THINGS don’t mean that much to me. I don’t need brand name junk. I don’t need 20 pairs of jeans. I don’t need 400 video games or 400 of anything. So if I live a life where I only keep things that spark joy, than why wouldn’t I apply that to my house? Why would I buy a place that has a bunch of extra unused space that is only used/touched when I have to run a rag over it to wipe the dust off it? This smaller place is still 1200 square feet, tastefully done, and nicely landscaped. But best of all? It won’t make me house poor.

So I sucked up my pride and called my Grandpa to see if he would be available to go and take a look at it, and give me his opinion on the noise from the highway. I figured not only would he would give me his honest thoughts, but he’s the only one out there who’s not working all day so an extra project wouldn’t be too stressful. Well, turns out he was at my Uncle’s house. Great. I guess I should preface this with the fact I’ve seen/spoke to  him once in the past ohhhhhh 12-15 years? And it was this past summer at my Grandpa’s memorial. Yep he skipped my wedding, but in hindsight I wished I skipped it to, so I can’t fault him to much for that. But basically we never had a falling out or anything, we just both never call family. So my Grandpa hands the cell over to my Uncle for him to write down the address and get all the information, upon which my Uncle begins to judge my choice. Something I can tell by his comments and tone.

“Oh, well you should sell your place first”

“Get your ducks in a row before moving on”

“Make sure you have your money straightened out before you even consider looking”

And all I can think is, first, what makes you think I don’t have my money straightened out? Or that my ducks aren’t in a row? Like you literally have no idea what’s going on in my life, because we haven’t had any sort of relationship in years! I can’t live at home with my parents like my cousins are STILL doing because you think life is expensive! That wasn’t an option for me. I wasn’t allowed to stay at home until I was like 28 and have my parents pay for 4-6 years of secondary education while living rent free so I had a chance to save up half a mil or whatever you expect/are doing for your kids. My life wasn’t like that, and won’t be like that. I have to move now. I have to buy a place by this summer. I can’t magically come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars or even one dollar (trust me, I tried but people suck, *common y’all had to know I would call you out on your lies too*). So I have to do what I can to make it work. So unless you plan on forking over the cash to make my options something other than a fucking trailer park, without going into huge debt, shut your damn mouth along with all the other people who just like to give advice without backing it up with REAL LIVE HELP.

I’m so sick and tired of people with all their “advice”.

I need to tattoo my forehead or something with “DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK,” but idiots probably still wouldn’t get it.

-Linkin Park/Numb-


I Know It Hurts Sometimes But You’ll Get Over It You’ll Find Another Life To Live I Swear That You’ll Get Over It I Know You’re Sad And Tired

Like usual, life has taught me that I can only depend on myself and that people will just say shit to make themselves look good, but majority of the time, never follow through with actions. Both here on the internet where they feel they can put forth any facade they want with very little to no consequence in real life if they turn out fake, as well as in my everyday reality.

As I left work after a frustrating day in the office, I received one blow after another with no reprieve.

I picked up the kids from daycare, where they were handing out lice notices. Great.

I got a letter in the mail stating that all my financial information may have been compromised after a hack at Nissan from when I bought my Rogue back in ’14. Excellent.

I received an email from my lawyer saying despite E saying he was going to sign, he didn’t (obviously) plus E claims he had no knowledge of the move to Kelowna, and is now not wanting to pay any previously owed money. Perfect.

My Grandpa called 3 times wanting to help me with my house hunt. Superb. For those of you not in the know, he made an aggressive pass at me while I was staying at his house last summer, which is bad enough right? Throw on top of that that it was the night of my Grandma’s memorial and you might understand why I have yet to answer his calls.

To top off those Wednesday only items is the fact that my best friend hasn’t been talking to me this week over something petty, and you can see why at this point I’m thankful for all of you.

Thankful for reminding me that people will say things like “I got you”. Or “I’m here for you”. But in the end, they are only words. Words only have the power you give them. Actions, on the other hand, can be substantiated without all the grandeur of words.  You can do something small but so meaningful for someone without having to boast yourself up. But after many years (yeah unfortunately it took me a while, I kept wanting to give people the benefit of the doubt), I have come to the understanding that people need words to make themselves feel good. They don’t say things for the benefit of others. It is solely to build up themselves. Make themselves feel good, like in their minds, at least they feel like they offered a chance at kindness so it’s as good as done.

So I’m truly grateful. Because you have reminded me that I cannot depend on anyone but myself. My mind and my strength are all that will get me through. My wits and my logic and my actions.

So I’ve decided to take another course of action. Where the results will be 100% in my hands. I can’t leave my families fate to individuals who are all talk no walk. So I appreciate the kick in the pants, and the reality check.  From both my readers and the people in my life, that has helped me to understand we are individuals for a reason. We do things individually. On our own. For our own.

Lesson learned.

-Lil Uzi Vert /The Way Life Goes-

I Got One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight M’s In My Bank Account/ I Ain’t No Sucker, I Ain’t Cut For No Action

I had a realtor visit my place this past Friday to go through and see the place. He then did up some comparables in the area to send me an evaluation yesterday on what he thinks my place is worth, and what I should list it at if I want it to sell. Let’s just say the results were less than impressive. Almost depressing to be frank.

If I list it at what he says it’s worth… I most likely won’t even pay off my remaining mortgage, let alone cover realtor fees/lawyer costs etc. So that means I’ll have to dig into what savings I have/had for my down payment to cover those costs, and that’s just annoying.

It also means that most likely, I’ll be putting it up for sale ASAP, hoping to sell it for as much as possible (as everyone selling a house expects) and then moving back into the dreaded parental unit. Just so I can save money for maybe a few months before we move this summer, because the sale will drain every little thing I have left to cover fees etc.

I kinda feel like it’s just another shot I didn’t need taken at me, ya know what I’m sayin’? I just wanted this move to go smoothly without it costing me tens of thousands of dollars more than necessary. I’m trying to do what I think will be best for myself and my kids in the long run, as far as quality of life goes, but common, why does it have to kick me when I’m down. Just give me a break already.

I’ve already committed to the move, so I can’t back out now just because the housing market has taken a turn for the worse and my house it literally worth $15,000+ less than what I paid for it 1.5 years ago. All I’m saying at this point is… I could see why some people would resort to crime or something as a way to try and make large amounts of cash fast. Not me, but some people.

How else do most people who are just trying to live a decent life, get by? I feel I do things “right” the majority of the time. I invest my money wisely, at least as smartly as I know how, since it’s not a subject taught in school. But algebra… Oh, I know that, thanks to a wasted 3 years of the highest level my school offered.

I save for both my kids educations.

I have a retirement fund. (That I’ll have to empty for this move… probably the education accounts as well)

I don’t buy extravagant clothes or jewelry (Apart from my $700 diamond earrings for my birthday this year, which I don’t regret).

I literally shop for clothes in the same store I buy our groceries from.

I don’t spend thousands on make-up or hair. I don’t even spend hundreds on it. I wear $4.99 mascara and maybe BB cream if it’s a special day.

I take my kids out for dinner once a month so they can feel that joy, and to learn “fancy” table manners. And it costs under $40 most times.

I pay all my bills before they are due to avoid interest.

I pay my taxes on time every year.

I don’t have satellite or order pay-per-view.

I use rewards programs to earn free groceries.

I use a bank that has no fees to save money.

I’m a great driver and am aware of photo radar spots to avoid tickets.

I use all things available to me that I’m aware of to save/earn money, but I don’t know how to get anymore ahead of where I already am.

So, tell me. What exactly is the benefit of following all the rules? Of doing it all right. Other than continually being stuck where I am? Why should rich people get richer, and me? I’m doing everything I’m “supposed” to be doing, and I’m struggling. Doesn’t seem right. So I honestly wonder if it would be worth it to consider a well thought out plan to make money in a ‘different way’.

It’s just annoying. and frustrating. Basically it pisses me off.

That all these rules are in place, for what? Because they sure don’t seem to be benefiting me any.

-21 Savage/Bank Account-

Through Waters Uncharted My Soul Will Embark I’ll Follow Your Voice Straight Into The Dark And If From The Course You Intend I Depart Speak To The Sails Of My Wandering Heart

No “new year, new me” junk in my trunk.

I’m a woman built on all my failures, and all my triumphs. I didn’t change dramatically overnight, no one does. I’ve blossomed over all my days and years on this earth to become who I am today.

Someone who still struggles with this life, but I’m learning more and more every day.

I’m discovering who I am, and why I’m here. I’m learning that we are all here for a purpose. And I’m learning to be more sensitive to that nudge that is leading me to my purpose. Once in a while the nudge will move me ever so gently, and sometimes it’s like an unwelcome fucken’ tidal wave and pushes me over the edge, whatever/whereever that edge may be,  but I’m being moved in the right direction I think. Actually I know.

Because I know I’m moving forward. Sometimes at a more graceful pace than other times. Once in a while, I fall smack dab on my face and get massive road rash across my nose or chin, but I get up and start again. But it’s not like I have to start fresh or from the beginning, I just continue to move onward from where I landed. And if you truly stop to think about it… even falling flat on your face is technically moving forward, so… there’s that.

So, in moving forward, I’ve been busy purging my house room by room. Which to be fair to my house keeping skills isn’t that difficult, since I don’t keep that much extra crap around. But I’m trying to get it ready to list, hopefully within the next couple weeks, maybe sooner. I should really set a “goal” date to do that by, but I’m not good at setting those types of deadlines. I’m more of a “let’s just get it done when it seems best”, and so far in my life, it’s worked for me. By the end of January though for sure I wanna have it up for sale.

It’s nerve-racking to say the least, because if I list it too soon, and it DOES sell quickly, but we don’t have a place in Kelowna until June… then my only option right now is moving BACK in with my parents for the interim. Which is not my ideal situation, so if you feel up to it, pray or send good vibes or do what you do when you want something to happen, to try and help this whole transition go over smoothly, and in a timely manner, hopefully avoiding the whole parental house situation. But, I’m also aware if I don’t list it soon enough, I might not sell it in time, and that could also jeopardize the move. AGHHH, adulting is so difficult sometimes. I just really don’t wanna live with my parents again. Like at all. Like zero part of me wants it. Not even the random hair on back of my left ankle that I can never seem to shave properly is rooting for that scenario.

I was over there last week because my mom was having car issues so I took her grocery shopping, even after I suggested she just take an Uber… actually even after I offered to pay for an Uber for her, but could tell she was going to pout all day and probably bring it up at a future family event, how she gave birth to me or something else she did for me in the past, but I couldn’t drive her for groceries when her car broke down. It’s not like she was stranded at the store or anything. She was literally at home and it wouldn’t start but apparently needed to go the store THAT EXACT MOMENT. Anyways so after just spending those few hours alone with her was enough for me to confirm that she is such a narcissist. But she passes it off as caring. It’s the weirdest thing. She needs to have complete control over others, most likely because her inner self is so chaotic, so it gives her some semblance of peace. Or she just gets a high off of it. We’ll really never know. But she’s just doing her. It’s good I guess. For her.

She asks too many personal questions in my opinion, for instance, in this visit alone, she asked about my finances (how much EXACTLY do I have saved for my house, and of course the answer was not enough). Am I on birth control? Excuse me? I literally started it a week before so could honestly answer yes, but she probably asked because K was at Christmas Eve at her place and so assumes we’re messin’ around, which was assumed correctly, but still not her business. How much do I weigh now (because now she’s doing intermittent fasting, and obviously want’s everyone to do as she does, which is hard because she switches fad’s more often than normal people switch underwear). And on and on it went.

And I realized, I don’t care. Sure, she can ask questions about me. That’s her choice. As for me? I’ve decided I’ll answer with complete honesty, since I have nothing to hide. Well some things I probably should hide according to social norms, but hey, she asked, and I don’t care because I’m proud of my life. She wants to dig around in my sex life? Too bad if she doesn’t like the answers, I’m not embarrassed. She thinks I haven’t saved enough? I’m actually pretty proud so far, even if I can’t buy a $500,000.00 house, I’m a single mom, and I can honestly say I think I’m doing damn fine. My weight? Good with me. I’ve made changes to my body that I know will stick because they weren’t due to the latest trend or some extreme diet or for anyone else. I did it slowly and steadily, and I like what I see when I look in the mirror, much more than I did before. Is there room for improvement? Duh, but I’ll do it my way, because this is what gives ME confidence, not because I’m trying to make someone else happy.

What I won’t accept though, is when she starts handing out unsolicited advice. Or looking down on me for the choices I’ve made or am making. I will make my own decisions, and live my life how I choose to and do so with dignity and confidence. I do not judge others on their choices, and although I don’t like them sometimes, or they wouldn’t be the choice I would make, I would never look down on someone because of that, or spend countless hours trying to make them see or do it my way.

If they wanted to have a chat about my choices and why I do things the way I do,  without trying to change them, then I would be up for that, but I wouldn’t feel “less than” if they left the conversation still wanting to do things their own way. So when she started going in on me for certain things I’m doing and why they’re “wrong” at least to her, that’s when I began to push back. And she was not happy. Unfortunately, too bad for her.

I wasn’t rude, or mean. I just stood up for my choices, even though they were contrary to what she would have done, or at least said she would have done. When it comes down to the wire, everyone’s actions speak louder than words.

So, I’ve decided to keep my actions, words, and thoughts, pure and true to myself.

The worlds gonna do what it’s gonna do.

People might say one thing, and turn around and do another, maybe to impress someone, or out of fear, they back away from their original choice, or for any number of reasons they don’t defend their thoughts and choices and decisions and beliefs.  But I’ve decided, really… what do I fear?


Nothing here in this immediate world presents enough of a threat to me, for me to turn around and change who I am and what I stand for. Because of what? What they THINK of me? I know what I THINK of myself. And that is where all the power lies. So I will make my choices. Some of them may be “bad” to others. Some of them not the ones you would make. But they are my choices. And I hold them. I back them up with my thoughts and beliefs. And either way, we can’t go back to change them.

Because time moves forward.

Thus, no ‘new year, new me’. I’m built on everything that came before, and continue to grow in that. I cannot change anything in the past, nor would I want to. I can only move forward and grow, learn, and love. Well I could move forward and not grow, as many do, they just move forward with time, without expanding their mind and spirit and soul, but that shit ain’t for me.

I’m CHOOSING to grow. And to stand firm in my choices. Because they are mine. They make me, me.

And who wouldn’t want that. To be the person your choices make you.

Choose wisely, because frankly at this point, the past choices no longer matter. It is only the decisions moving forward that have any further impact on who we become.

So think now. Long and hard. Who do you want to become.

From this point on.

Because that’s all that’s left.

-Hillsong United/Captain-