Now We See Everything That’s Going Wrong With The World And Those Who Lead It/So We Keep Waiting (Waiting) Waiting On The World To Change

So I spent my day trying to distract myself from everything that was in my head. I think I did aiight.

  1. Made a huge batch of homemade spaghetti sauce which turned into dinner plus four extra meals in the freezer. Good on ya’ mate.
  2. Used the other portion of the club sized ground beef package to make one meat loaf and a whole tray of porcupine meatballs which my kids love. So I’m set for meaty goodness as far as meals go for the next little while.
  3. Did all the dishes that I really didn’t want to do after all my cooking but someone had to step up to the plate.
  4. Vacuumed AND washed the floors. Which is kinda redundant since I have a  cleaning lady come every two weeks (I know lifestyles of the rich and famous hey) But I felt like doing it myself and getting the good scrub in.
  5. This week I also took down all my Christmas decorations in preparation for the move. I have a lot to do before I list my house in the new year, so I have to get out all the junk while I can.
  6. Synced my computer/phone’s calendar and planned out my schedule for the next little while. Even made sure my trainer appointments were marked in there.
  7. Set up a couple of new budgets in Mint (thee best budgeting app out there). I want to bulk up my house down payment as well as try and save for a cruise (the one that didn’t happen on my 30th birthday this year, but hey, I’ll always turn 31).
  8. Also managed to order myself a few new books from Amazon. All from my favorite Author so I know they’ll be good. Also since I’ve read a few of them already, those are guaranteed to be good.
  9. Even attempted to start two movies. Attempted, and two, because they weren’t any good at distracting my mind. So that was a fail.

But all in all, a pretty decent day. I had a couple of snuggles and stories, plus a lego build thrown in there too so although it’s not a podium placer as far as days go, I can still safely say that I’m satisfied with my day.

And I’m ready for tomorrow.

-John Mayer/Waiting On The World To Change-

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