And So This Is Christmas And What Have We Done Another Year Over, A New One Just Begun

Christmas has come and gone.

And it was good. Great? Naw. Good. For sure.

No great ‘sweep me off my feet’ miracle. No knight in shining armor riding a horse to carry me off into the (freezing cold) sunset. But those aren’t my dreams anyways. So, yeah, it was good.

Mostly fun times with enough family that you could avoid talking to the ones you didn’t want to chat with, but enough people around that it kept it interesting to say the least.  Happy kids chattering away about what they hope to see wrapped under the tree. turned into ripped paper strewn everywhere. Old men napping in front of the TV blaring too loudly. Leftovers for days (mainly because my mom choose to cook a Keto dinner… trying to push her latest diet trend on us all). Too many baked goods to name compliments of my nieces which my sister made sure to inform me of, the fact that all her girls know how to bake, which is a huge deal that sets them miles above my kids apparently. Games that make everyone look ridiculous and almost made me pee my (new size smaller, super comfy) pants. Think Charades and that game where you put the plastic mouth piece in so you can’t speak properly because your mouth is the size of a small country. A morning with one gift under the tree for myself from Little E that he painted at school, and the rest from a fake “Santa” addressed to the kids.  Then add on top of that cranky kids because they are staying up way later than normal, and consuming more sugar in one day than they have all year… and you have Christmas.

K did come with us to my mom’s Christmas Eve dinner, so that was special. He had promised, and although he was so nervous about it, he pulled through and I’m really happy about that. My mom was so adorable, she had bought him  sweater which was far too small and way to tacky for him, but it was the thought that counts. He met my sister R and her husband J, spent some time with N and D, whom he’d met before when they came over for poker night, and just hung out.

And that was it. Taa-Daa.

Can’t wait for next year. Where we do it all again, but somehow we are all older and wiser.

-Celine Dion/Happy Xmas-

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