Don’t Think Cause I Understand I Care Don’t Think Cause I’m Talking We’re Friends

As much as I know y’all are attempting to help, joining a group or stressing less… is not going to cure a neurological disease.

I can’t just ‘talk’ my epilepsy away. I can’t just meditate/relax and and expect it will be fine. It’s like you all treat it like mild depression or some shit. This is a disease that is progressing.

I understand that some of you are trying your best with suggestions, but it comes back to the sympathy vs. empathy point of view. You can only see from your point of view. Which if most likely someone who has never been in my shoes. And therefore, to be totally frank, your suggestions hold little value to me because they come from a place that has little to no experience to back them, therefore they hold no weight in my eyes. Where as someone who might possibly know what I could be experiencing…  most likely wouldn’t throw out those nuggets of “advice” knowing the uselessness of them.

People who have been where I am, KNOW that talking about it won’t solve it. Yes, I do talk about it, because I have found lately in my life I cannot depend on anyone in my life personally to discuss things with, so I write here. But that in and of itself won’t solve my neurological problems.

I have epilepsy.

I seize in my sleep.

Doctors can’t figure out why.

No doctor here, or in neighboring cities or even major specialists in the States can figure out my brain.

I’m an anomaly if you will.

Which is why I’m pretty confident that in this situation, there can only be sympathy, not empathy, because the chances of there being anyone else out there experiencing things close to what my brain is… are highly unlikely.

Yes, I’m acting bitchy, but I had at least one more seizure last night if not more. But I still had to pull my shit together this morning and act like nothing’s going on because I have two little ones depending on me.

I have to put a smile on my face and pretend like the world isn’t spinning.

I have to ignore the pounding in my head because I’m already maxed out on pain meds for the day and it’s only noon.

I have to move like every muscle in my body doesn’t feel like it’s on fire.

So excuse me if I’m not the world’s most pleasant person, but seriously? Join a Facebook group? Like social media is going to solve all the worlds problems?

Common now.

If you’re going to give suggestions, at least make them somewhat reasonable.

-Sneaker Pimps/6 Underground-

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