Are We Getting Closer Or Are We Just Getting More Lost

I’m so upset!

In my big air of productivity during the last week, I managed to finally get my act together to change Little E’s name. Which you would think would be a great thing right? Since I’ve only been waiting a couple years to do it right? Well being the idiot that I am I didn’t think it through and so I went to the registry office with all my paper work signed all nice and proper. All my i’s dotted and t’s crossed. I had all my supporting documents… everything. I thought all my ducks were in a row.

What I didn’t think about though, was how when I handed in my supporting papers, which included Little E’s birth certificate, I might need them during the next 4-6 months, which is how long the name change will take.

I didn’t consider that I might need it to get Little E a new passport for when I’d like to take my kids on this great trip I’ve been looking forward to for months.

Now when I pulled out our passports tonight to finally book the perfect 7 night, all-inclusive, cruise with stops in Jamaica… guess what?

Yep. Little E’s passport is expired. Meanwhile Z and mine? Perfectly fine. Like what are the ridiculous odds. Little E is now 7 and has already had 2 passports, both chock-full of stamps, and now I have to get him a third. Yet I can’t because I had to surrender his birth certificate up in order to change his name.

Which means my 30th birthday cruise? Is a no go.

I’m so disappointed in myself. I’ve actually been looking forward to that so much.

It’s just… frustrating yet again.

-Rise Against/Swing Life Away-

3 thoughts on “Are We Getting Closer Or Are We Just Getting More Lost

  1. If you are UK based – guidance notes copied form the official passport renewal form (seems no birth certificate needed):

    “I am renewing a child passport. What supporting documents do I need to send?
    Please send the child’s current passport and two photos. You will not normally need to provide extra supporting documents unless there is a court order which applies to the child. Please send us any court orders for the child that relate to parental responsibility, residence, contact or taking the child outside the UK.”


  2. You can still get your dream 30th Birthday cruise with your family as in Canada to renew the passport you only need the following updated passport approved photos (2) the expired passport and the completed renewal form and the payment.


    1. I could. But then I would have to get him another passport again a few months later after the change. Plus with all this house stuff happening, it looks like I’ll be needing all my extra cash to use for a down payment soon instead. 😕


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