Because He Loves You Cheeseburger With All His Heart

This morning Little E asked if he could make pancakes for himself and Z for breakfast. I figured no big deal, I had bought some frozen pre-made (fancy I know) pancakes a few weeks ago and they hadn’t had a chance to eat them yet. So since Little E normally makes the two of them breakfast he set about popping “them” into the toaster.

A few minutes later he called up asking for some help, saying he thought something was wrong. So I went downstairs and as I was walking down the stairs it smelt like someone was BBQing in my house. Little E said he couldn’t find the pancakes but found some “other round things” and toasted them instead.

Turns out he had put 4 frozen hamburger patties in the toaster.

Oh. My. God.

My toaster was a disaster. The meat had started to melt into the wires inside the toaster, while the rest of the patties remained frozen, it was nasty to say the least. I pulled out the patties, and told Little E that it was a mistake, but not the end of the world and that they would have to have cereal today until I had a chance to clean the toaster… or buy a new one because it’s disgusting!

But it made me think about how we learn from our mistakes. At least we should learn from our mistakes. Because the truth is that we will all make copious amount of silly naive decisions in our lives, but the key is it gives us the opportunity to learn from them. Hopefully. Thinking about this morning, I for one am going to stop using so many unmarked Ziploc bags in my freezer. It may not have been me directly who put the hamburgers in the toaster, but I could have contributed to the problem.

I’m trying to take responsibility for my actions and see what role I play in situations. I’ve learned that placing blame never helps anybody and just leads to more confrontation, back and forth, and basically explodes any situation that could be simple and calm into full-blown arguments if no-one will admit fault.

So today I’ve been thinking about “arguments” in my life that I could’ve handled better. Normally I see my faults, and admit it quickly, but I also can hurt people in the process of pointing out their flaws. Mainly because I say it like it is and don’t see the point of sugar-coating it. I guess could learn to be kinder. Some people still like to see themselves as perfect, and showing them their imperfections is hardly enjoyable to them, or anyone, myself included. But also I could learn to keep my mouth shut and let people make these self discoveries on their own.

Some people left to their own devices can be a dangerous thing and might not ever realize they are “wrong”, although it’s not up to me to save the world lol.

–Veggietales/His Cheesburger-

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