They Know I Have No Choice But To Show My Secret Identity 

I get nervous when I look at my stats. Today someONE in Canada has  been really interested in my blog, reading every post I’ve ever written. And while that would be flattering in any other country, it makes me anxious.

What if it’s someone I know? Or who knows me? Who finds my story so interesting that they have to read everything in one sitting?
Yes, I know it shouldn’t bother me since it’s the truth and what happened, happened. And I don’t care what people think of ME. What concerns me are my kids. I made these choices, and this is my life that I’m writing about, but what if someone in my family finds out and somehow it affects Little E and Z?

I don’t want any judgement poured on them or looks thrown their way because of decisions I made.

Trust me, they’ll make enough crappy choices of their own in life. They don’t need to be judged by mine.

So, if it’s you reading my blog… Hi. I love new readers, I’ve almost reached 500 followers in the 2 months I’ve been writing, so I’m glad you enjoy it. But next time, please like a post here or there or jot down a comment so I know who you are? It would save me so much anxiety!

-Aviators/Secret Identity-

16 thoughts on “They Know I Have No Choice But To Show My Secret Identity 

  1. I have been blogging for five years now and I have had to hide my identity and change blogs and use a different name because some ex-family like to use my posts as weapons. Be careful!


  2. I’m currently binge-reading your blog and had to do a double-take since I’m from Canada! Then I realized this post is from June. Anyway, hi from also-Canada. I don’t know you (don’t worry) but your story is super addictive and I can’t stop! I keep interrupting my boyfriend with “OMG LISTEN TO THIS” every time E does something ridiculous again. So… ummm…. sorry if I’m super creepy??

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