Any Girl Like You Deserves A Gentleman 

I want to be taken on a date.

A real honest to goodness date. Where I spend time showering, shaving, exfoliating, and lotioning every inch of my body. Then spending close to an hour delicately diffusing my hair so the curls are just right. Next carefully applying more makeup then the standard routine including contacts and falsies. Only to stand in front of my closet in nothing but my underwear for a solid 25 minutes deliberating on what to even try on before rejecting the first 6 outfits I attempt, even though I had something prepared in advance that I decided last minute wasn’t good enough. So that the final result looks nothing like I do on a day to day basis, but hopefully enough to wow my man. All the while with butterflies in my stomach… until I hear the doorbell ring, then those butterflies turn into dinosaurs practicing karate. And when I open it, there he is. Standing looking handsome as always and smelling so good with flowers he took thoughtful time to pick out, and a beautifully written card that I don’t open until later, but end up saving forever.

He leans in and greets me with a kiss, telling me I look beautiful/sexy/amazing (take your pick) and I say the standard “2 more minutes” and rush around to find a vase for the flowers and my heels then do one last final makeup check in the mirror before he offers me the crook of his arm and leads me to his car. Once at the car, he opens my door (swoon) and makes sure I’m in ok before closing it and while he goes to his side I arrange myself in the most flattering way possible and take a deep breath to compose myself.

He comes up with great conversation on the way to the restaurant where he made reservations for us in the private table in the back (I know, I know, now this is just getting way out there lol) and proceeds to take my coat for me and hang it up as well as push my chair in for me just right.

We go over the menu together while he throws in a few hilarious anecdotes about his day since he always knows how to make me laugh and the dinner goes off smoothly. There’s no awkward pauses or weird moments where we mishear each other and have to repeat ourselves. I don’t have to explain the menu to him. I’m not ever embarrassed by his behavior or his clothes or how he treats the staff, because he is a gentleman, to both myself and all those around him.

We might have a couple drinks with dinner, but I don’t have to worry that he’s had to much because he knows how to handle himself, and knows he has precious cargo in his vehicle that he would never put at risk.

After we’re finished dinner he insists on paying (duh) and then he takes me for a walk in a beautiful place he planned out beforehand. Where I can just sense that his intentions are not the same as most guys. You know the type. Where they are looking for the dark shadowy place just to get some, or wanna head back to my place asap.  But he sincerely wants to walk and spend time with me (What??!?) And so all he does is hold my hand as we walk and talk, and once in a while slightly rub his thumb along my hand when the moment calls. But our conversation never falters. The intensity is high and the connection is deep. And we both feel it. Enough so that when he finally takes me home and kisses me goodnight at the door… it’s enough for now. Because we know it’s not the last time. I don’t feel like I owe him sex, and he doesn’t push for it. Because the evening was so perfect as is.

I don’t have any inkling of what this feels like. Because I’ve never been on a “date” like this. Well obviously not like this because this is pure imagination and made for movies crap lol. But I’ve never even had a guy pick me up at my house before and take me to dinner. In fact I’ve never been with a guy who owned a functional car. E didn’t get one until we were almost married, and even then I gave him my old car. And everyone else… well just no cars in the picture, so I drove all the time. I’ve never had reservations made for me, that I didn’t make myself. In fact I’ve never really been out to a nice dinner with a guy. We’ve mostly just ordered in or done the fast food thing.  I’m turning 30 this year, been married with two kids and almost divorced and haven’t been on a proper date.

But here’s to dreaming.

-Shawn Mendes/Treat You Better-

13 thoughts on “Any Girl Like You Deserves A Gentleman 

  1. Reset your bar, higher. Then push it up still higher. You don’t need to settle for less than. Single parenting and taking care of yourself, is a high calling…focus on the important, and when the man comes along, who exceeds the bar, you’ll be ready. No need to settle for less. ❤️


  2. And there will come a day when I am the guy on the other side of that door, having that conversation over dinner with a woman. That I get to have that for myself. Today is not that day. But perhaps it will be someday. For now, I’ll settle with living my life as best I can.

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  4. Romantic dates are not all that they are made out to be. My now separated husband wined and dined me, and still would occasionally after we were married (if I complained enough)… but that shouldn’t discourage you. I see lots of happy couples who do that and I get green with envy.

    But funny story about the opening car doors. On our first date, soon to be ex husband was running late and couldn’t find my apartment building. So I was waiting outside for him, as I said he was late and it was cold so I just opened the door myself. When we got to the restaurant, instinctively I just opened it myself and then I closed it and was like “you’re really bad at this whole opening the door thing.” And we laughed and it became our joke that he would literally have to ask me if I was opening the door so he didn’t get yelled at. A few times I’d open it and he would tell me not to complain later I didn’t let him open it. I would just laugh and be like I’m hungry it’s okay.


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