The Cat Came Back The Very Next Day The Cat Came Back They Thought He Was A Goner

The drive away from my home and my life was quiet. I was doing my best to stay calm. I had my kids to worry about, and I didn’t want them to sense anything was more wrong then what was blatantly obvious…

Daddy had just beat up Mommy, and had packed up our things and kicked us out of the house. For honest to goodness, no apparent reason. When I first told this story to people, whether family or close friends, I could feel the hesitation on their part to believe me. “Common C, you want me to believe that he just randomly walked in and started swinging without any provoking on your part? MMM k…”

It got to the point where I stopped discussing it. I didn’t feel like I should have to explain the actions of a mentally disabled individual. Or feel like I was hiding part of the story where I did something completely horrible and therefore somehow his actions where justified. I know what happened. I was the one there. I lived it. I don’t give one fuck if you believe me or not. Your faith in my recounting my own story doesn’t change what happened. So once I felt like the people who absolutely needed to know, knew, that was enough. I wasn’t explaining it anymore. If you believe it or not. It happened. I chose to no longer waste my time trying to justify it to people whose opinion I really didn’t even care about.

My friend M who had come to pick me up, came with her husband D, and 2 of her teenaged boys. She had previously met E and wasn’t quite sure what to expect when she got to our place, but thankfully the reinforcement wasn’t needed as E had already left. The boys were so quite during the ride, playing with little E and just respecting my space.

Although space for what I’m not quite sure. I didn’t know what to think or feel. So I felt nothing. Well apart from mass amounts of physical pain, but beyond that I was numb. My mind was on pause. I couldn’t process any of what had happened. I kept thinking through the whole event of the morning, trying to figure out what I might’ve said or done that could’ve set him off. Trying to imagine what in the world might’ve gone on at his parents house that could’ve changed his mood so immensely. But no matter what path my mind went down it came back empty.

Literally nothing that had occurred during the whole course of the day set off any red flags that might be an indicator of E’s behaviour. Not even any orange/yellow flags. This was all on him, and whatever was going on in his twisted mind. This was a result of whatever his paranoid voices and hallucinations had lead him to believe and therefore act upon. Either way, not okay.

We finally got to M’s house in town and the boys spent a few minutes rearranging mattresses and bedding so my kids and I would have a room to ourselves. The boys hauled our few suitcases in and then they left us to settle for a bit. I remember apologizing to M repeatedly for the state of my clothes, and how I looked, because for some reason the fact that my bra strap was showing was an important thing at the moment?

M’s boys dug out an old box of hot wheels cars for little E to play with and I attempted to nurse Z and put her for a nap. I tried to sleep but my mind was racing.  Also my phone didn’t stop ringing. First it was E. Then his dad, brother, and sisters, calling repeatedly. I couldn’t answer. Finally after about 3-4 hours I shut the phone off. I didn’t care that he didn’t know where I was. I preferred it that way. I needed to feel safe for a little while. I was given some cold compresses in an attempt to stop some swelling but it just seemed like the swelling was everywhere. So instead I went for a shower. I remember looking in the mirror for the first time all day and seeing how bad I looked.

I will never forget that image. It was blurred through 2 swollen eyes. My lips were busted and covered in dried blood. I was wearing a strapless dress (the first one I could grab after E ripped off my other one) and my bra straps were showing also speckled in blood. I wasn’t wearing underwear as there had been no time to put on any more since mine had been torn off. On the back of my head was a large goose egg from where I had been slammed into the concreate and I could feel the bump growing as a reminder. Bruises had already appeared on my arms where I had tried to protect myself from him. But there were no tears in my eyes. Now was not the time for crying. The time wouldn’t come for years.

I quickly showered and M invited us for afternoon tea. Her and her family made it as comfortable as possible for us while still trying to give us our privacy. After tea, we let the kids play and M and I talked. Kinda. I explained as best as I could what had happened and just tried to get a grasp of what was going on now, and what my next step was going to be, but to be honest, I had no idea. And it would take me a couple weeks to figure it out for real.

I stayed with the kids at M’s house for 2 nights, but then I started feeling like I was in the way. I also knew that I would have to deal with life eventually and that this wasn’t just something that would go away if I ignored it long enough (my go to coping mechanism). I also couldn’t just live with M and act like this was our new normal. I had to decide what was going to happen, and so I finally answered one of E’s calls.

He was so so so sorry. Of course he was. But it sounded so sincere. And I was exhausted. I just wanted to have a proper sleep in my own bed. I just wanted to eat my own food. I just wanted little E to be back at school on the proper schedule. Besides, I knew E and I would have to talk about it eventually. So on the third day, I caved. I told E where we were, and asked him to come get us.

Yeah, I know what your thinking, but unfortunately this isn’t a made up story. I can’t change facts about what happened in the past. So it is what it is.

E came to M’s house and her husband D had a little discussion with him outside. We can all imagine the words that were said and how little was actually heard by E. Then he rode with our bags on one piki piki and the kids and I went on another. I took him back, but the whole drive to our house I didn’t think about it. I just rode. I just felt the wind in my hair and tried to breathe.

E apologized over and over again once we arrived home. But I didn’t want to hear it. I was exhausted. It had been a very long 3 days and Z little E were both beyond cranky.

I just wanted to be. Just be. I wasn’t up for long conversations and discussions or sorrys. I just wanted to be. Preferably alone. But E had other plans. His parents arrived shortly after we got there and had a big conversation about how what E had done was bad, but how I should forgive him… I don’t remember most of the details, I was past exhaustion. Mainly the just of it was them trying to save face. Keep things quiet. Keep our personal life personal. He made a mistake, and I should forgive him and move on.

I walked out on the conversation. Of course I thought it was rude of me to walk out on my in-laws like that, but I couldn’t take it any more.

I had come home, but that did not mean E and I were all good. We never were good. And we wouldn’t be close to half decent again.




6 thoughts on “The Cat Came Back The Very Next Day The Cat Came Back They Thought He Was A Goner

  1. I know a lot of what you were feeling, our stories have a lot of similarities. I need to start writing mine, I’m just having a hard time figuring out where to start!

    You don’t have to justify your actions to anyone! You did what you felt you had to at the time. I’m glad you’re here to share your story!💜💜

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  2. If you take the time to try and figure out where to start, you never will. That’s why my story is a little all over the place. I just write whatever I think about that day. But it’s been both helpful and very difficult. Hopefully it’s worth it.

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  3. I don’t know your whole story , of course, but in my personal experience, by the time it gets to random erratic assaults, the mental and emotional abuse has been chipping away at us for awhile and we are so exhausted and “beaten down” mentally, and emotionally, we are desperate for some kind of peace… even if we know it’s just a very temporary peace.
    I also feel that when there are kids involved, this exhaustion is even more intense because of the added constant effort to maintain a balance for their sakes.
    Those are just my opinions and thoughts fwiw…
    just know that anyone who’s been in an abusive relationship understands why you went back that day and how desperate you were for peace and “sanity”. Thank you for sharing here! Also, thank you for. Suiting my little corner of my own kind of madness on here.


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