My Precious 

I’m finding as I come to write these posts, I can’t decide where to start since so many memories and tantalizing stories come to mind. I figured it’ll be best to start with the one I’m thinking in the moment that’s closer to the start of the timeline for you to follow along a little better, other than that I’m just winging it and hoping it’ll all come out in the end. 

After E and I had been dating about 6-7 months we started talking more seriously about the future. At this point I figured I’d invested this much so far that there was no turning back. We discussed getting engaged and married eventually. It just felt like the right thing to do. Not the right thing as in this is the man of my dreams kinda right, but right as in this is what you do next and the the proper protocol kinda right.

So we basically decided together that yeah, it was something that would happen and I was just waiting at this point. Imagining how E would propose, as girls are prone to do. Thinking of all the romantic things he could do, while still keeping expectations very low. I mean common, it’s not like I’d just met the man, I’d learned how he operated by now. He’d bought me flowers once the entire time we were dating on Valentines day and that was it. No birthday gift. No Christmas card. Nothing. I knew there would be no dramatic, romantic proposal, so all the scenarios I was imagining were just that, thoughts and imaginations.

Anyways, one day I was helping him with some paper work at his place for immigration and needed something from a drawer. That’s when I saw it. The little black box. I left it as is for the time being, but as soon as E had left the room I snuck a peek.

I know, I know. How awful of me to ruin the surprise. You need to understand I have this ridiculous need to know what gifts I’m getting before I get them. I’m the reigning queen of finding my Christmas gifts pre-Christmas. So much so that my parents started wrapping them the day they bought them and then hid them, so when I found them I couldn’t see what they were. Little did they know I’m also the queen of unwrapping and rewrapping gifts anyways 😂.

So I opened the box. And I saw my ring. Pre-proposal.

… You guys it was awful. It was a purple stone. Ok, yes I appreciate that he went to the jewelry store and bought me a ring. But purple? I hate purple/pink. And how could this man not know that? And now I would have to walk around with this ring on and everyone is going to be asking to see it and I’m going to have to act like I love it. Ugh. I closed that box and left that night with so many conflicting emotions.

First, he was going to propose eventually. Which was exciting. Because every girl wants to be chosen by a man to the point they want to wife them. But secondly… that ring 😩. I guess it was my fault for peeking but either way eventually I would see it and hate it, what did it matter that it was now or later. At least this way it gave me a chance to work on my “Oh, I love it” face.

Christmas comes and goes. No ring (No present at all from him tbh). New Years. No ring. The day after NYE, I invite E to go on a roller coaster. I love them and thought he’d like to try. We actually had a semi-fun night. I laughed so hard at E on the roller coaster. Here he is standing 6″4 and 250+lbs and when we went on that roller coaster he had his eyes closed and was screaming at one point. It was actually hilarious. But at the end of the night I dropped him of at his place kinda hoping for that ring. I mean common he missed so many opportunities during the holidays. But nope. We said our good nights and I headed back to my car. I sat in my car a couple minutes kinda dejected and that’s when my phone rang. It was E. He was asking me if I could come back up for a moment.

This was it. I knew what was coming. I walked back up to his place and went in, thinking maybe he had taken the time to prepare something for the proposal. I walked in and there was nothing special. That’s fine. He sat down on the bed, and so I sat down beside him, because I’m not supposed to know anything’s up remember. And there’s where he asked me to marry him.

Flat out. “C will you marry me”. Sitting side by side on the bed. No, I love you so much I wanna be with you forever. No down on one knee. No flowers. No candles. No music. No nothing. Just that stupid purple ring. But I was still the idiot who said yes regardless. And that was that.

Nothing else happened, and I literally walked out 10 minutes later, with that gaudy purple ring on my finger. If there was a prize for least romantic, heartfelt engagement, we would have won it hands down.

I drove home for the night. Still feeling excited. I mean common, I was engaged now. Not proud of my ring or anything connected to it, but still I had accomplished something. I felt wanted by someone. That was something at least. Right?

My mom knew the moment she saw the ring that I must not like it. My sisters could tell. My best friend asked me straight up how I could wear something I didn’t like so much. I never told anyone outright I didn’t like it. These were just people who had gotten to know me and my style.

That ring was a representation of everything E knew and cared about me. Which ended up being very, very little.
Did I mention I found out the ring cost $249 when I went to have it sized the next week? Oh I felt so valued.


10 thoughts on “My Precious 

  1. It’s what the ring symbolizes. Perhaps in the future he may buy you another one that you really like.
    I would like to buy my husband another band as the one I got him has gone through some damage. He would not hear of it and would refuse to wear anything else.

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  2. It’s probably just me but if my partner gives me a purple ring, I would have died — in a good way because I absolutely love purple. But again, that’s me. Really though, the fact that he did not even know what color you like or don’t like is really telling.


  3. As I was reading this I had a flash back. My then boyfriend had a key to my place (because he stayed with his parents). I walked in and he said your gift is in my coat pocket. I pulled it out and it was a ring box. I opened it and it was an engagement ring. Small, very small. I looked at him and said don’t you have something to say. He said oh year will you marry me. I should have known right then to walk away. That was my value to him and his love for me.


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